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The UNIVERSE sent me the above message some days ago. I have a list of goals I need to accomplish to have “owned my (Casey’s) movement.” My movement (one of them anyway) is the Pwing Life movement. Here is the last set of goals Casey had (from this blog post).

  • I am in a committed relationship with a woman who is supportive of my style of life.
  • I save $1,000/month.
  • I teach tai chi once a week.
  • I have made one of my projects profitable.
  • I make $2,500/month after taxes and other fees.
  • I have a Black Ford Fiesta.
  • The MilTownKlan has 36 dedicated members.
  • I maintain my samurai existence.
  • I maintain an empty mind.
  • I maintain stability and clarity of mind (aka no problems with my “bipolar”/OCD situation.)

Four out of ten aint bad. Some major ones have been handled as well. Time to start working on getting my money up. No rush on that though. Those last three are the most important to me. I can knock out the taichi one pretty quickly. If I charge for taichi I’d make one of my projects profitable as well. I’ll also count the 36 taichi students I’m in the process of getting towards the MilTownKlan movement.

I think it’s a good idea to share one of the videos from that blog post as a reminder to myself.

No Rush To Get Grown, Drive Slow

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Adidas Delivers

Adidas Delivers

The new Black Horse Tai Chi Gear is so dope! I put all of Adidas’ hopes and dreams in that pot. It’s waiting for them at the temple. DonorsChoose (Milwaukee) must be blowing up right now!

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Adidas Will Create (Black Horse) Tai Chi Gear

I won’t make another post on this blog until I have a contract with Adidas for producing Black Horse Tai Chi gear. I’m doing this to prove the power of focused mind. The reason so much “positive thought” stuff is bullshit (like “The Secret”) is because it isn’t bullshit. hee hee hee Allow me to explain. When you use thought power to create things you have to have 100% belief in the fact that it will be created, do your part in making the creation happen and be UNWAVERING in your focus in that general direction (changing direction just “resets” the process).

So many people THINK they know what they want, but really have no idea. The secret isn’t the The Secret. The secret is being 100% clear in what it is you want and be willing to DIE making it happen (perhaps not die, but the more you’re willing to give up the better).

Normally I’d tweet Adidas or something to get the ball rolling, but I shall do nothing. I already know this is going to happen. It’s just a matter of continuing to put in the work and being patient.

If you’re wondering why Adidas, I wrote about it once. That’s not the full story though. I grew up a b-boy and Adidas was my suit of armor when I used to go battle. In high school all I wore were Adidas outfits. Now all I wear is an Adidas outfit (except for when someone wants me to get more classy).

Getting Adidas to create the gear is just the beginning. The end (for me) will be the gear being created in a facility in China which treats it workers SUPER right and all of the profits from the sales of the shoes (my portion of the profit anyway) will go to a charity or nonprofit of some kind (haven’t figure out which one yet, but I will in time). Also want Adidas to make MilTownKlan gear too, but we’ll do a test run with Black Horse Tai Chi. If they fail, maybe I’ll have to switch the MilTownKlan to Nike (or create our own brand with factories and the like…)

Black Horse Gear

Adidas corporate heads. Look at how a sexy three stripe Adidas sign could fit in where the fist is now. That wasn’t on purpose (or perhaps it was!)

This is also an extension of the Pwning Life post I last wrote. This is how the science works. Right now what looks like the rambling of a delusion nutter will be proof positive of UNIVERSAL GENIUS (not “my” genius, universal genius) in the “future.”

I’m sure Adidas has a corporate office in Taiwan. Perhaps you’ll catch me before I vanish again. No hurry though. I’ll vanish back in no time flat.

peace love one and have fun

Me doing magic

Me doing magic

“The secret is practice.” – Grandmaster Henry Wang

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Pwning Life: The Secret To Getting Everything You Want

8 year old me is proud. He wanted to grow up to be Mr. Miyagi.

8 year old me is proud. He wanted to grow up to be Mr. Miyagi.

I wrote the following on the plane ride back from the Philippines. If you read this and it seems way to simple you’re either a professional at getting want you want or you have no idea how to get what you want. Getting what you want in life is truly a two part process:

  1. Deciding want you want.
  2. Getting it.

Pretty much everyone screws up the first step. Get the first step right and you’ll plow forward nonstop until you “arrive.” Don’t forget to smell the roses on the way (actually that’s all there is to do…) I’m going to post a series of videos on the Pwning Network YouTube Channel which follows my adventures of rocking the system for one month. You can subscribe there and follow along now, or wait until I officially launch with a website (at that time I’ll collect an email address and dish the videos out one at a time).

Again, this looks really simple, but what you’re going to read below is the result of sifting through a number of books, videos and websites, testing and figuring out what truly provides results. This is it in a nutshell, you can hack it to your hearts content, but this is the only way to achieve anything.

This outlines the steps necessary to Continue reading

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Taichi and Reality

All Black Everything

All Black Everything

It all started with this picture. What’s the real story. I have no idea, but trying to figure out the real story caused some friction on a Facebook group called The Kwoon. The facts behind this picture aren’t important. The fact that a simple image could cause ripples leading to this blog post are (the first about martial arts since revamping my website).

The Delusional World of Taichi

If you practice taichi and think it’s a superior martial art to others, you are delusional. This is just a fact. There’s a whole community of people practicing taichi as a martial art and believe it’s truly superior (in some respects) to other martial arts (I am a part of that community). Like it or not, the community is inherently delusional. There are no current facts to support the belief of taichi being superior in any shape or form. In fact, there is more evidence to the contrary.

These lack of facts is the reason so many taichi players idolize stories from the past. If you ask someone in the MMA scene who their favorite fighter is you’ll most likely get the name of someone actively competing or at minimum someone who recently stopped fighting. For example, my favorite MMA fighters are Anderson Silva (because he’s an all around bad ass) and Kazushi Sakuraba because he was such a showman (although a friend recently turned me on to Genki Sudo). Ask someone who believes taichi is a superior marital art who their favorite taichi fighter is and you’ll get… What? A story connected to imagery (real or imagined) similar to the one above.

My Delusional Martial Mind

From the copious amounts of martial arts movies I watched growing up and hearing stories of unbeatable taichi fighters I too jumped on the delusional taichi bandwagon. My delusions went much farther than just a casual taichi obsession though. At times I believed I was the Monkey King reincarnate, a reborn Daoist Wizard, a modern day Son Goku and sometimes a blend of all three. Real or not, the effects of these stories have been real. It’s why I’m in Asia, it’s why I speak Chinese, it’s why I’m organizing a international taichi competition and it’s why I’m wearing all black and my school’s name is black horse taichi.

I can reflect back on those thoughts and see the delusion in them but the power of thought is… interesting.

Real Taichi

What is real taichi? Can it’s current form be effectively used as a martial art? What are the true health benefits? How many of those health benefits are a result from practice verses being a placebo effect? Answering these questions is the reason we need to organize this taichi competition/convention. To test, discuss and debate in person and hopefully encourage martial artists from other disciplines to attend, test and share. One thing is for certain. These questions won’t get answered in Facebook Groups, on forums or among blog posts.

Another goal is to unite a community of practitioners who all extremely passionate about their art. Sometime these passions clash in this digital universe, but it should always be seen for the better. I’d like to see the same amount of energy invested in trying to find ways to meet and grow in person.

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Born In The Philippines

I made quite the break through on this trip to the Philippines and thought I’d do my best to share. I want to thank Master Wang for being a walking, talking example of where I wanted to get. “Bee” who has been digitally beating up the inside of my mind. And Adam for concisely and clearly answering all of my questions and giving me a systematic path toward the result I’ve been looking for.

Here’s a thought I jotted to myself on the plane ride here:

Being born takes MUCH longer than 9 months. In fact, it seems that many die before truly being born. This must be where the idea “it takes lifetimes” comes from.

The birthing process I’m talking about is getting to just the fringe levels of awareness, not “Nirvana” or anything big like that. Lets get this party started. I’m going to break this up into three books I want to write which seem to convey the stages leading up to my “experience.”

Pwning Life

Pwning (mastering) Life is this idea I have to create Continue reading

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The Three Jewels of (My) Atheism

All Daoist-Buddhist-Atheists can levitate.

All Daoist-Buddhist-Atheists can levitate.

The three jewels is an idea central to Buddhism. The three jewels are:

  1. The Buddha: The actual dude from the past and the level of nibbana/nirvana.
  2. The Dharma: The teachings.
  3. The Sangha: The community that keeps the tradition alive (formally monks, nuns and cats at varying stages of enlightenment).

Being Buddhist is all about taking refuge in those three things. Taking refuge in those three things essentially means that’s where you go for guidance on your path to getting more happy, ending suffering and enlightenment. That’s what those prayer beads (called mala) are all about. Taking refuge as a reminder for your goals and the path to achieving them. It’s translated a number of ways, but here’s how I say it to myself:

I go to the Buddha for refuge.
I go to the Dharma for refuge.
I go to the Sangha for refuge.

Buddhism is new to me, but I’m taking it very seriously. I’m studying the Dharma on the daily, I’m taking the precepts seriously and I get my refuge on multiple times a day. That said, I’ve been a long time fan of Daoism and I love me some science. What’s a Daoist-Buddhist-Atheist to do? Take refuge in all three, that’s what! 😀

I Go to the Dao for Refuge

When taking refuge in the Dao I’m thinking about the inexplicable “Way,” the teachings from it (Daodejing, Chuangzi, Liezi, etc.) and my community of “sages” (at least that’s what we like to think we are).

I’ve recently really been into this first line of the Daodejing. Today I’ll share R.B. Blakney’s translation of that first line (see a side-by-side comparison of 24 translations here):

There are ways but the Way is uncharted

Beautiful. Wish every religious text started like that:

  • Buddhism: There are ways but the way to nirvana is uncharted
  • Christianity: There are ways but the way to heaven is uncharted
  • Atheism: There are ways but the way to new discoveries is uncharted
  • Martial Arts-ism: There are ways but the way to mastery is uncharted

This isn’t to say that there aren’t a number of books and teachers that can help you on your way. There are. The point (to me) is that it’s YOUR way and you’re ultimately captain of the ship. Don’t follow anything blindly. Reflect on it, test it, experience it (if it makes sense to do that). The Daodejing goes on to tell you the way of the Way, but it warns you about the pitfalls of the Way becoming a way (to the Way? lol)

Live. Learn. Repeat.

I Go to the Buddha for Refuge

I love Buddhism for its structure and “tried and true” method as a vehicle for “higher states of consciousness.” Where Daoism is (purposefully) elusive and mysterious, Buddhism is clear and concise. I already wrote in more detail about why Daoism led me to Buddhism. Here’s a little on the clarity.

Buddhism is like a 12 step program for people trying to quit the bad habits of life. The first four steps are the Four Noble Truths:

  1. Life is guaranteed to suck sometimes
  2. The root of that suck is from desire/attachment
  3. It’s possible to get rid of the suck
  4. There is a path to break free from suckage

The next eight steps is that path, called the Noble Eightfold Path:

  1. Skillful view
  2. Skillful intention
  3. Skillful speech
  4. Skillful action
  5. Skillful livelihood
  6. Skillful effort
  7. Skillful mindfulness
  8. Skillful concentration

Throw a dash of meditation in the mix and you’ll be enlightened in no time flat! 😉 The other awesome part about Buddhism is you can find a community or temple to train with pretty much anywhere you go. While some places on the planet will be more steeped in Buddhism (Thailand) than others (sub-Saharan Africa), having a mobile Buddhist temple and community of your own is easy to do. There are tons of books and websites and forums and apps to fit any Buddhist’s needs. The same can’t be said about Daoism.

PROTIP: Download the Access to Insight app.

I Go to Science for Refuge

Science. I don’t really think I need to say anything about the (true, not overly used) awesome of science. I’ll most likely be preaching to the choir. That said, science has made a lot of headway in the field of happiness and I don’t think we’re far from science having more to say about meditation and “enlightenment” in general. Also, real Buddhism and Daoism wants you to be scientific in your approach to your studies. You’re not being asked to blindly meditate “just because” or do anything you don’t want to do.

I look forward to science getting more serious about the human condition, instead of doing science for the sake of doing science. It would be fun to see more countries tackle social issues with Gross National Happiness (GNH) in mind instead of product (products seem to be happiness kryptonite anyway). Some economists say we’ll be able to objectively measure happiness, if we get scientific agreement for some kind of “universal standard for happiness” perhaps GNH will be the measuring stick for all regions of the world.

An Atheist Religion

I know there are atheists that think atheism and religion are not compatible, but I disagree. I suppose what I’d like to one day see would be so stripped of all the things that are usually associated with religion that it would be hard to call it a religion. There doesn’t need to be any prayer, temples, worship of gods (or people) or any of that. Just a community of people that get together and talk about “skillful living.” I think the “three jewels” above is a good start for a miltownkult. 🙂

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