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Own Your Movement

The UNIVERSE sent me the above message some days ago. I have a list of goals I need to accomplish to have “owned my (Casey’s) movement.” My movement (one of them anyway) is the Pwing Life movement. Here is the … Continue reading

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Adidas Will Create (Black Horse) Tai Chi Gear

I won’t make another post on this blog until I have a contract with Adidas for producing Black Horse Tai Chi gear. I’m doing this to prove the power of focused mind. The reason so much “positive thought” stuff is … Continue reading

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Pwning Life: The Secret To Getting Everything You Want

I wrote the following on the plane ride back from the Philippines. If you read this and it seems way to simple you’re either a professional at getting want you want or you have no idea how to get what … Continue reading

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Born In The Philippines

I made quite the break through on this trip to the Philippines and thought I’d do my best to share. I want to thank Master Wang for being a walking, talking example of where I wanted to get. “Bee” who … Continue reading

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