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Born In The Philippines

I made quite the break through on this trip to the Philippines and thought I’d do my best to share. I want to thank Master Wang for being a walking, talking example of where I wanted to get. “Bee” who … Continue reading

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The Three Jewels of (My) Atheism

The three jewels is an idea central to Buddhism. The three jewels are: The Buddha: The actual dude from the past and the level of nibbana/nirvana. The Dharma: The teachings. The Sangha: The community that keeps the tradition alive (formally … Continue reading

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The Dao To Buddhism

I had this post in mind for the last week or so. The original title  was something like “How Studying Daoism Led Me to Buddhism.” This new title is better. The Dao is a Way Dao is translated into English … Continue reading

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Who’s Enjoying The Brownie?

I suppose I can officially say I’m a practicing Theravada Buddhist as of about a week ago. I’m primarily focused on getting comfortable with the sitting posture without actually focusing on meditation. Right now I’m sitting for 40 minutes once or twice … Continue reading

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