WAAAAAR!! Who Are We Fighting?

Note: I was going to post this to the MilTownKlan blog, but I could get the embed below to work.

When last left you I told you I needed to retreat in order to advance later. Well… I retreated HARD. I made a lot of things happen during my trip to Taiwan, but I also ended up in a mental hospital there (it’s a fun post to read). Then I took a 6 month break from the internet where I was a depressed video game playing hermit. Then I took a trip to Puerto Rico, had another “manic” episode (I still call it spirit walking) and ended up in another hospital (this time in my mom’s home state of Iowa).

I bounced back from this last episode really quickly (I just got out in late February). I ended up having a brief bit of mania (connection to the spirits) and it got me to apply for a job at Hardee’s (I don’t need the work, but I do need something to do). Anyway, I applied, I got the job, now I shower and shave regularly (something I don’t do in dirty daoist mode).

ANYHOW… Remember that track I said we were working on? It’s a lot closer to being finished now. Here it is! I think I want to shorten the initial hook so it goes:

“I’m gonna-WAAAR” (to jump right into the rapping)

Let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to WAAAAAR!! Who Are We Fighting?

  1. bugsyx says:

    Love the song MTK! Keep ’em coming and keep up the good fight bro. Godspeed.

  2. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Would that happen to be Ku-Mays finishing the track? I can dig, though the echo on “war” is a little much. On the rap itself, I think I need to share this with my man Toast. He’s the one who can tell you of this track is slick or whack. 😉

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