A Modern Day Opera

I want to thank a “few” people before I start this post. This post is the culmination of thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears. The list of people I’d truly like to thank would fill a book but I’ll try to keep things simple. This is specifically about my affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan (the hip-hop group) and the Wu-Tang Clan (the group from Wudang Mountain). I, in fact, see no distinction between the two. They are one and the same.”

People to Thank

My mother (a white witch of European decent) and father (an over 9,000 year old black magic practitioner from Africa). Interesting fact about Big Papa. The Chinese government paid for him to go teach his Black Panther organizing skillz back in the day.

My Aunt Merry (a Wu-Tang Wizard) who bought me my first Japanese transformer toy (loved that thing!) and first computer.

Steve my first martial arts instructor (a black belt in the Okinawan karate tradition). He also planted  one of the early seeds of me believing magic was real when he told me about seeing a 10th degree black belt in Japan stir his tea by spinning his finger above the cup.

Akira Toriyama for creating a version of the Monkey King story that I LOVED (Dragon Ball).

Bob who gave my brother a copy of the Daodejing, which I turned into my person Bible.

Grandmaster Yin for establishing the Chinese Kung Fu Center in Milwaukee, where I met Master Calloway (Big Papa 2) and Master Kaye, West Pine, Tao of Twest and Brother Lo.

Master Henry Wang (my taichi teacher)

Everyone who shares my love for Chinese cinema, stories and Anime (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li).

Jason “Profit” Moffatt. Personal Site | Marketing Site

and Laozi, Buddha, Jesus, Zhangsanfeng, Damo and A-Sun Tzu (cause that’s the level he’s on).

There are so many, many, many more…


If you found this page and you’re reading these words your current life situation is the result of YOUR actions. No one is doing it to you! You are doing it to you! It doesn’t always feel this way but it is the TRUTH.

I’m going to tell you a story. A story about how the MilTownKlan was born. As I tell you this story I want you to think about how… you’re just a story. You’re just like the MilTownKlan. You weren’t and then POOF you were. I want you to understand how far back your story goes and see how it effects “you” now (there is no you, only a story).


This is a POWERFUL image whether you understand why it is powerful or not. Be careful around images. They effect you on a subconscious level.

The MilTownKlan starts with miltownkid. miltownkid started as a name I “randomly” chose for a hotmail email address (I wanted something unique that reflected “me”). Words are powerful. They are magic. Be careful with them. Here’s a video of me talking about who I am/was.

Well, before the miltownkid name existed I was SUPER into martial arts and Daoism BEFORE I even heard of the hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. I, like the hip-hop group, was familiar with the Wu-Tang Clan from how they were portrayed in movies. When I was young I was more interested in Shaolin Styles because of the training. As I got older and understood daoism a little more I got interested in taichi (and Wu-Tang Styles).

Anyhow, I have this name, miltownkid and while I hung out on some forums in Taiwan people would call me mtk for short. In Taiwan I WAS miltownkid. Except for my wife, people knew me as miltownkid. Even if they called me Casey, they were introduced to miltownkid first. Those were some good years…

Anyhow, I get back to the states, get in some legal trouble, get angry and decide I’m going to create a clan to go to war with the city. The idea for a group called the MilTownKlan (mtk) came to mind. Here’s a video from when that happened.

That video is 6 years old. There was no “clan.” There was just a “raving fool.” That’s OK. The Wu-Tang Clan already gave me training in the form of Old Dirty Bastard. Brooklyn Zoo has been my theme song for as long as I can remember. I cut out ODB’s photo on the cover of the CD and taped it to my high school ID (magic). The first line summarizes everything you need to know about “me” (I’m not who you think I am). The whole song is relevant to my life…


Lets rewind back to when I was in Taiwan. When I created a character called “shirt ninja.” And when shirt ninja found a new dance craze called the “Chicken Noodle Soup” (voodoo dancing), notice the Daoist Wizard I hooked up in the background… an accident? The shirt I’m wearing? From Canada, bought it when I saw Master Wang the first time. Note the hole in the door. Ask me about that in person if you get the chance… lol

Interestingly enough I met A-Sun through that video. Here I am, miltownkid, from Milwaukee and I meet a guy named A-Sun who’s living in Milwaukee (and a BAD ASS M’er F’er) while I’m in Taiwan. Acting like (BEING) a (shirt) ninja.

How does my song go? I’m the one-man army Ason!

Coincidence you say? (There are no coincidences…)

Anyhow, while I was in Taiwan not only did I try my hardest to organize a Wu-Tang show (I have all of the emails, technical riders, etc. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it would have been, I would have did it myself if it would have cost me every cent I had…) I also got the opportunity to chat with Allah Mathematics (the creator of the Wu-Tang “W”) ever so briefly via Skype.

OK, fast-fordward back to 6 years ago when I was a one man army vs. the City of Milwaukee. Just a miltownkid with a MilTownKlan of one. I chose the name MilTownKlan because it reflected Wu-Tang Clan. I knew the M would be a FLY ASS Wu-Tang “W” upside down. And I knew I had the connections to make that happen (with the proper blessing, I do everything with the proper blessing).

The six years between then and now I read everything I could on organized crime (they do shit RIGHT! They might do the wrong shit right but… they do shit RIGHT!), forming tribes, government, etc. Getting all of the knowledge I needed to one day legitimately go to war with the City of Milwaukee.

Back then I was angry and… I don’t know what. Now I’m chill and plan on strategically taking over the city on all levels of government and becoming mayor. A game of Chess (Go), is like a sword fight.

This post is getting long. I was going to break down individual songs, but you NEED to get a copy of Liquid Swords. SHIT IS THE FUCKING SCIENCE!

I’ll give you the 4th Chamber (on RapGenius):

A picture is worth over 9000 words. Here’s the MilTownKlan in it’s current form:

The MilTownKlan

The MilTownKlan


This is the guidance given to the MilTownKlan from the Bodhisattva Guanyin: “One who cannot let go of himself lacks wisdon; one who cannot let go of others lacks compassion.”

My shrine

My shrine

Final Note

As I’m typing this “now” (lol time…) 2 hours before I work at Hardee’s. What you are still seeing is the “ramblings of a crazy man.” I look forward to the day you can look back on this and other “ramblings” and see they weren’t ramblings at all. Also remember that this is only one of my various stories and they’re all coming along swimmingly.

Last thing. Respect your elders. Whatever I do or as “big” as I get I owe it to all of those who came before me. It’s a long, long, long, long list of people. If you ever become successful and think “you” did it, you are the delusional crazy one, not me.

Finally I want to thank Jesus and A-Sun one more time. Jesus for letting me know it was OK to shine and shine bright (that I’m in fact suppose to be doing that, it goes against my training as a Daoist). And A-Sun for giving me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

The year of the horse is going to be a fun one for me… That said most years are fun ones for “me.” This one will be fun for the me you can see (you can’t see me).

peace love ONE have fun

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