Own Your Movement

Image from cheeptech.com

The UNIVERSE sent me the above message some days ago. I have a list of goals I need to accomplish to have “owned my (Casey’s) movement.” My movement (one of them anyway) is the Pwing Life movement. Here is the last set of goals Casey had (from this blog post).

  • I am in a committed relationship with a woman who is supportive of my style of life.
  • I save $1,000/month.
  • I teach tai chi once a week.
  • I have made one of my projects profitable.
  • I make $2,500/month after taxes and other fees.
  • I have a Black Ford Fiesta.
  • The MilTownKlan has 36 dedicated members.
  • I maintain my samurai existence.
  • I maintain an empty mind.
  • I maintain stability and clarity of mind (aka no problems with my “bipolar”/OCD situation.)

Four out of ten aint bad. Some major ones have been handled as well. Time to start working on getting my money up. No rush on that though. Those last three are the most important to me. I can knock out the taichi one pretty quickly. If I charge for taichi I’d make one of my projects profitable as well. I’ll also count the 36 taichi students I’m in the process of getting towards the MilTownKlan movement.

I think it’s a good idea to share one of the videos from that blog post as a reminder to myself.

No Rush To Get Grown, Drive Slow

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