Adidas Will Create (Black Horse) Tai Chi Gear

I won’t make another post on this blog until I have a contract with Adidas for producing Black Horse Tai Chi gear. I’m doing this to prove the power of focused mind. The reason so much “positive thought” stuff is bullshit (like “The Secret”) is because it isn’t bullshit. hee hee hee Allow me to explain. When you use thought power to create things you have to have 100% belief in the fact that it will be created, do your part in making the creation happen and be UNWAVERING in your focus in that general direction (changing direction just “resets” the process).

So many people THINK they know what they want, but really have no idea. The secret isn’t the The Secret. The secret is being 100% clear in what it is you want and be willing to DIE making it happen (perhaps not die, but the more you’re willing to give up the better).

Normally I’d tweet Adidas or something to get the ball rolling, but I shall do nothing. I already know this is going to happen. It’s just a matter of continuing to put in the work and being patient.

If you’re wondering why Adidas, I wrote about it once. That’s not the full story though. I grew up a b-boy and Adidas was my suit of armor when I used to go battle. In high school all I wore were Adidas outfits. Now all I wear is an Adidas outfit (except for when someone wants me to get more classy).

Getting Adidas to create the gear is just the beginning. The end (for me) will be the gear being created in a facility in China which treats it workers SUPER right and all of the profits from the sales of the shoes (my portion of the profit anyway) will go to a charity or nonprofit of some kind (haven’t figure out which one yet, but I will in time). Also want Adidas to make MilTownKlan gear too, but we’ll do a test run with Black Horse Tai Chi. If they fail, maybe I’ll have to switch the MilTownKlan to Nike (or create our own brand with factories and the like…)

Black Horse Gear

Adidas corporate heads. Look at how a sexy three stripe Adidas sign could fit in where the fist is now. That wasn’t on purpose (or perhaps it was!)

This is also an extension of the Pwning Life post I last wrote. This is how the science works. Right now what looks like the rambling of a delusion nutter will be proof positive of UNIVERSAL GENIUS (not “my” genius, universal genius) in the “future.”

I’m sure Adidas has a corporate office in Taiwan. Perhaps you’ll catch me before I vanish again. No hurry though. I’ll vanish back in no time flat.

peace love one and have fun

Me doing magic

Me doing magic

“The secret is practice.” – Grandmaster Henry Wang

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