Pwning Life: The Secret To Getting Everything You Want

8 year old me is proud. He wanted to grow up to be Mr. Miyagi.

8 year old me is proud. He wanted to grow up to be Mr. Miyagi.

I wrote the following on the plane ride back from the Philippines. If you read this and it seems way to simple you’re either a professional at getting want you want or you have no idea how to get what you want. Getting what you want in life is truly a two part process:

  1. Deciding want you want.
  2. Getting it.

Pretty much everyone screws up the first step. Get the first step right and you’ll plow forward nonstop until you “arrive.” Don’t forget to smell the roses on the way (actually that’s all there is to do…) I’m going to post a series of videos on the Pwning Network YouTube Channel which follows my adventures of rocking the system for one month. You can subscribe there and follow along now, or wait until I officially launch with a website (at that time I’ll collect an email address and dish the videos out one at a time).

Again, this looks really simple, but what you’re going to read below is the result of sifting through a number of books, videos and websites, testing and figuring out what truly provides results. This is it in a nutshell, you can hack it to your hearts content, but this is the only way to achieve anything.

This outlines the steps necessary to getting anything you desire. It’s the exact same process anyone who has gotten anything they desired used. There definitely is a limit to what you can get and what is possible, but I wouldn’t worry about it. People are usually overly cautious with their desires.

Also, never get discouraged. Even when you get discouraged know that it’s a part of the process. If you could have your desires easily, they probably wouldn’t be desires.

Clarify Your Dreams and Goals

There are a number of exercises you can use to clarify your dream(s). The point of each exercise is to remove the limiter that has been installed to your imagination through no fault of your own.

Gods/Richard Dawkins Walks Into Your Room

For theists: God walks into your room and tells you whatever you do you’re guaranteed to be successful. What would you do?

For atheists: Richard Dawkins walks into your room and tells you about a recent scientific breakthrough in positive psychology and quantum theory. When you work on what you desire you increase the chances of it actually becoming a reality ten fold. How would you start living? What would you do?

You Won the Lottery

Where do you go? What do you buy? What do you do now?

Write Out, In Detail, Your Perfect Day

What time would you wake up? What do you do first? Where do you live? The more details the better.


This future dream is something you should never get close to, it’s a peak to help you determine which way you should be moving, that is all. You might actually one day reach the peak you describe now but when that day comes there should be a totally different version of that peak your moving towards. What’s important is to keep the momentum of your life moving in one direction. This will help you if you ever slow down or come to a complete stop.

It’s a good idea to revisit this long term dream every now and then and see if the “new you” agrees with it. We’re constantly growing and changing, no problem if old you and new you end up in disagreement. “New you” should always win those discussions. 😉


With your long term dreams sorted, it’s time to work on some short term dreams which should make present day living better and act as momentum towards that long term dream. Here’s the process I use for goal setting, you don’t have to use my process, but it’s a good idea of have some process for setting and tracking goals.

Step 1:

Write ten goals you’d like to complete within a year in the first person present (I have instead of I want). You don’t have to think about these goals too hard. Just let them flow. Don’t be surprised if you get stuck around the 5-8 goal mark.

Step 2:

Repeat this process everyday for two weeks or until your goals normalize. Without looking at what you wrote the day before, write out ten goals again. After you’re done look at the goals from the previous day. What’s different? What’s the same? Do the same thing each day for two weeks or until you have about an 8/10 match for two or three days in a row. (Or go for 10/10!)

Step 3:

Choose the goal that would have the greatest positive impact on your life and other goals. It’s probably something that’s jumping off the page with obviousness. Take that goal, write it out on a second piece of paper and brainstorm (however you like to brainstorm) all of the ways you could make that goal happen.

Step 4:

Use the brainstorm sheet as a guide for doing ONE thing each day to bring you closer to completing that goal. You can obviously do more than one thing, but it’s not a race (you’ll just burn yourself out). Just be sure you get one thing done each day. This part can have a lot of variation for how people choose to do it. You could get really complicated with apps and reminders, using GTD type programs, or you could just write something down each morning and scratch it off during the day. Or, like I do now, have made it a habit to get one thing done towards the goal each day. As you’ll learn in time, the point aren’t the goals anyway. It’s how you go about them.

Step 5:

Rinse and repeat. That goal you chose might be something you can realistically get done in a year or it might not, don’t worry about that. Just keep plugging away at it. You’ll also notice that your new goal oriented self effortlessly takes care of a lot of the lower goals and they’ll get replaced by new ones when you go through the goals process again (full normalization or just writing ten goals).


Feel free to hack it to your desired taste by adding or taking away. When I write the book it will be backed with science and have real world of examples of people who were successful using the system (including myself). Following this system will lead you to all the right books and people to help you construct your future. This is all you need. You’ll find everything else on your own. The “perfect” system is the one you create based on puzzle pieces from other people’s systems. This is why I encourage hacking this one.

Try to realize that you’re “living your dream” right now as quickly as possible. Getting to that “peak” is all there is. If you program yourself to constantly be waiting for that peak it’s all you’ll ever do (be waiting).

“Pwning life is enjoying the grind to the point where it’s no longer a grind.”

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4 Responses to Pwning Life: The Secret To Getting Everything You Want

  1. It’s been a couple months since I really thought about my goal writing, so I looked back at my latest fleshed out set of goals I’d written on the pwningnetwork forums.

    They were a list of 10 goals to be completed by the end of May and to my surprise, on some level I’ve completed 5/10 of them and it’s just now to the end of April. If I look at my year long goals, 3 of them are done so that’s really 8 completed goals I wrote three months ago and “forgot” about.

    Pretty kickass :).


    • miltownkid says:

      It becomes more and more automatic. I think the reason the “10 goals” thing stuck out to me the first time I heard it is because I’ve been a journaler for a long time. I had long ago realized that just the act of writing stuff down was magical, so I figured there must be a way to do it in a more “focused” manner. This definitely is. 🙂 Goal writing can be pretty set-it-and-forget-it, but the act of doing something every day kicks things up a notch.

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