Happiness, Martial Arts and Enlightenment

You probably haven’t noticed but I’ve been tweaking the tagline of this blog the last couple weeks. First it was “Flowing to Nirvana”, then I decided “Flowing to Daoist Immortality” was a little better (as I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking I’m a Daoist) and now I like “Happiness, Martial Arts and Enlightenment.”

While my personal goal is still Nirvana/Daoist Immortality, I thought I’d be better off focusing on the “flowing” part of the tagline. No matter how much I want “nirvana” and how hard I work to get it, everything I read about it seems indicate that my chances for success are slim. So while I’m trying to crack that nut, I figure I might as well share my top three loves of life (right after YOU my reader 😉 ).

  • Understanding human happiness
  • Studying martial arts
  • and figuring out how this “enlightenment” thing works

I’ll slowly get my categories to reflect these changes and I’ve already put up a page for each one where I’ll continually add “the best of the best” in terms of resources on each topic (the only one worth visiting at the time of this writing is the one on happiness).

The idea behind this change is to consolidate topics that I had spread across an array of websites and YouTube channels, which would make things simpler and easier to manage, which will (has) in turn make (made) me happier. If there’s ever something you want me to write about in the realm of those three things, chances are I’d be totally up for the challenge.

Why not stroll on over to the page on happiness, check out the “formula for happiness” and see if you learn something. 😀

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