Gone Fishing

Picture of miltownkid in front of some fish.

miltownkid in the mountains of Wulai

I was going to be a “dick” and post a vague video to my YouTube channel titled “Gone Fishing” with a video of some fish I took in the mountains of Wulai. Perhaps I would have ended things with a clever quote and had something in the description about focusing on the 8 fold path and “taking a break” from posting videos.

That was the original idea. Old Casey would have immediately acted on it, got the video up, called it a day and then, a couple weeks later (or days), had a new video up and been back to business as usual. New Casey contemplated things for a bit, asked himself what the goal of posting the video was, thought to himself “Why do you need to announce taking a break? You already have, just continue it,” and, perhaps most importantly, was the why. Where was that feeling coming from?

In my last post I spent a little time talking about how the new goal in my life was, simply put, “flowing to Nirvana.” Perhaps I should say new focus. That’s been the goal for a long time, but the path hasn’t always been so clear, so I’ve needed to take several detours and even retrace my steps at times. When the goal wasn’t Nirvana it was figuring out how to help more people be more happy. My idea of how to best achieve mo’ happiness fo’ mo’ peeps has shifted about all over the place over the years. Education, better economic systems, politics, making money and using it for “good” (social business style), etc.

Investigating the various styles and systems for making “mo peeps mo happy” has ultimately led me to the conclusion that that Buddha guy was on to something. 🙂

It’s Not The Car, It’s The Driver

In this analogy the car represents any system; political, economic, religious, etc. The driver is the conscious mind(s) behind it. A lot of my wisdom comes from the some of the most unorthodox places. This gem came from Grandmaster Roy. Roy owned a racing shop and constantly saw people spend lots of money on their cars to get better speeds in autocrossing. Roy’s bit of wisdom was that what they needed to do was spend more time autocrossing, the modifications to their cars would only shave fractions of seconds off their time. Modifications to themselves (from practice) shaved off whole seconds.

Similarly, and this is just a personal theory based on observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that focusing on trying to modify (and sometimes create new) systems isn’t the most efficient way to achieve “mo happiness for mo people.”

So it isn’t about finding the best systems and trying to promote those. For example I like barter exchanges, “Classical Liberalism” (Libertarianism), minimalism, vegetarianism (even though I’m not one… lol), etc. It’s about going straight to the source and operating on the minds behind those vehicles. For the most part, people are engaged in a kind of mental demolition derby, trying to smash their ideas into the minds of others by beating their vehicles to “death” and forcing the “loser” to ride with the “winner.”

There are no winners in cultural, ego, social, idea-based destruction derby. Instead, I’d rather find an open gate in the area, drive through it and explore. You have no idea what kind of terrain you’ll meet out of the gates but, after a little bumpy offroading, hopefully you’ll find a nicely beaten path that leads to a nicely paved road and… a jet pack! lol

I really got off topic… all I was trying to say is that even the worst political systems would be fine with enlightened minds behind the wheel. Some people were put on earth to make massive changes to those kinds of systems. Others are here to… do whatever the fuck they want. Me, I think I’m here to figure out how Buddha found his jetpack and help others do the same (or die trying).

Back to that Gone Fishing Video

SoooOOooo… it’s about helping people see that the system isn’t the problem, it’s the “mind” in the system. Now I’m getting serious about finding a system to exercise my mind to further remove myself from systems. 😉 AND I feel like I’m losing my desire to promote any particular system (even my own! lol) What I want to do is do my part in making “mo’ people mo’ happy” while I’m personally “flowing to Nirvana.”

Soooo… I originally just wanted to make a video being like “Yo! I’m focusing on this shit right here now, peace.” Then I must have thought for a little bit and was like “Every action I take should be either making mo’ people mo’ happy or helping me flow to Nirvana. How is a shitty video like that doing either one?” And then I was like “I’ll still make that video, but it won’t be about making an announcement, it’ll be about how I’m trying to flow to Nirvana and end suffering and shit.” 🙂

That’s the story how I went from making a video about not making videos to making a video about this blog post (coming soon to a monitor near you!). Hope you didn’t suffer too much! That said, this dialog with myself is helping my flow to Nirvana. 😉 You’ll have to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the video when I upload it.

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