Blogging My Way Back To Milwaukee

I made a video about packing for my trip, I might as was blog the thing too!

Back Story

When I was last living in Milwaukee I ended up…

flip the fuck out

Flipping the fuck out

It’s a bipolar thing… lol Anyhow, this kind of forced moved me to Iowa (staying with family) and I’ve been here for almost exactly 1 year. Now I’ve gotten “my shit straight” and I’m getting ready to move back BUT not straight back. Going to zig-zag a little bit.

IA > WI > MN > TW > MN > IA > WI

That be the travel plans for the next 1.7 months. I’ll actually be in Milwaukee later today! I’ll be sure to get some pictures and videos to share on the blog. Then next week I’m off to Minneapolis to visit my brother and his wife for a while, I fly outta there to Taipei. Then I’m in Taiwan for a month. LOVE that place (lived there for 5 years). I’ll be all over the place there and plan on getting a ton of pictures and footage. Then back to Minneapolis briefly, back to Iowa briefly until I move back to Milwaukee in mid march or so (looking for a job in marketing or this internet shizzle… just saying. πŸ™‚ )


Be sure to hit me in the comments if there’s anything you want me to get a picture/video of (or of me doing!) I love filling requests. Gives me something to do and makes you happy. πŸ™‚ Here’s the video of me packing.

Adios! Uh… I guess… I mean, I suppose from your perspective I’m not going anywhere… :S

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8 Responses to Blogging My Way Back To Milwaukee

  1. If possible, go to a point in Taiwan where you can see China on a clear day. Then, set down the camera and “city hump” ALL of motherfucking China

    Also, bring me back a souvenir plox :3

  2. Penney Morse says:

    Like the graphic

  3. Magdalicious says:

    I lolled at that bag I have… 10… maybe 20x that much stuff for 3 weeks… and I forgot shit.. (like my camera charger… lucky I have this fancy phone with a pretty pimp camera on it) i didn’t even bring my monster camera because it’s big.. and I couldn’t find the charger for that either.. (shush)

    • miltownkid says:

      What’s funnier is I’m already thinking about how I can travel lighter. Definitely would only need the Chromebook at some point (not quite yet), less clothes… Don’t bring any books (do my reading digitally)…

  4. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Obviously, I would request you get some Cityhumping in, but maybe the culture just wouldn’t understand? *shrug* But I’m certain theirs some foods they have you may not have tried yet? There’s ALWAYS something, even if you lived there for 5 years. πŸ˜›

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