Looking For Interesting Milwaukee Videos And Channels

This blog is slowly going to transform into a hub of Milwaukee awesomesauce. I started looking through some of my old Milwaukee videos and found this:

I want to see this blog turn into a place where our segregated city can come together, laugh and be inspired by people from all walks of life. Discover a new hangout somewhere you never thought of venturing to before. Meet a new friend because you decide to get in touch with them after viewing their video (or seeing a video about them).

Milwaukee is FILLED TO THE BRIM with highly creative and artisty folk but… it doesn’t have the proper representation on the (You)tubes and other places around the interweb. For example, I found only one (after a quick search) video of the locust street beer run which is sad, because I made an epic video that I never uploaded (how terrible is that website! lol).

That run is CRAZY fun and the year I did it we all got drenched by the rain (killing my poor like video camera). And the girl in the video said you only get little cups. NOPE! Some chick was on the side of the road handing out those big red college cups. So I was SLAMMING beers at each station. And all the crazy outfits! lol

Anyhow, if you or someone you know does video and it’s about Milwaukee from time to time, hit a negro up!

And because it’s my blog and I can do what I want! lol Here’s my FAVORITE local Milwaukee artist with his #1 TITANIUM CHART TOPPING single:

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4 Responses to Looking For Interesting Milwaukee Videos And Channels

  1. bugsy x says:

    It’s about d$mn time you got back up and rolling homie! The virtual world just isn’t the same without you. Welcome back! Bugsy X

    • miltownkid says:

      Took me a while to get all of my (mental) ducks in a row. There are just so many things I want to do! (The Milwaukee stuff, a taichi school, a personal development system, a consultancy, a new form of competitive tai chi… ) Baby steps, that’s all. 😉

  2. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Aside from video makers, I would consider looking through the potential of those seeking funding through Kickstarter. It’s amazing what doesn’t and does get funding through it.

    • miltownkid says:

      Oh… that and more! Videos just come to mind because… it’s what I’ve been doing so long. Could be a kickstarter, a photo, art (paintings, sculptures, etc.), a local brew, you get the idea. I’d like a video to complement those things, but it wouldn’t be necessary. When I’m back in Milwaukee I’d gladly go shoot the video.

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