A Blog for Me and a Blog for… ME!

This was going to be titled “A Blog for Me and a Blog for You,” but a little reflection make me think otherwise. Now to clarify, whether I’m writing for “me” or writing for “you” there always exists some mixture of the two. It just, at times, leans more heavily one way or another.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I just got done reading through all of the posts on my first blog (only 3 months worth before I switched over to a self hosted wordpress setup). I noticed some interesting things. I posted pretty much daily (because I wanted to, not because I was trying to for some reason). I was constantly trying to get friends to start blogs (which they eventually did). And I shared a lot of just day to day personal stuff (like my adventures in playing Ragnarok Online, Strikers 1945 and reading through the first 4 Harry Potter books).

I couldn’t believe how interesting I found my boring all self! I can’t say what I was thinking at the time (unless I find a post about it!) but it’s like I was writing for myself to look back on later. Nice.


Then something happened… TECHNOLOGY! I suppose this is always the case. Had I been journaling with pen and paper and stuck to pen and paper, I never would have gotten knocked off of my journaling horse. What happened was I got sucked into chasing a technical dragon for many… MANY years. After moving to WordPress I tried at least 3 other blogging platforms before settling back on WordPress (WordPress wasn’t always the sexy beast it is today). I was also constantly starting new discussion forums (a habit I still had going on last year!) and experimenting with different software. On top of all that you had this “social media” revolution beginning to pick up speed, which is probably why I started that blog in the first place (that was actually the second blog I started).

So what started as me focused on writing turned into writing and taking pictures, which turned into writing taking pictures and taking videos. While that was going on you had Twitter pop up, Facebook pop up, Flickr pop up, Youtube pop up… And every new thing that popped up was going to be the HOTNESS of course! There was even a comment from a friend telling me I should try using hello.com for something. Guess what! I can’t even remember what it was for and hello.com isn’t anything right now.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a whirlwind of NEWER, BETTER and FASTER for the last 8 years! That all ended yesterday because…


I’ve always been a fan of Google. Well… Not always. Before Google was on the map I was a fan of Yahoo. Luckily a good friend told me this new Google thing had came out and was suppose to be better (I told her she was wrong of course). Lets just say I’ve been a fan for a long time (probably something like over 9,000 years in internet terms).

Having nosed around the internet a bit after my 10 month slumber, I’ve decided that I want ALL my stuff hosted with Google (and they can do it now!) Why? I just have to log into one thing, everything flows together really nicely, they have an OS for laptops and mobile devices, I can store everything in the cloud, etc. etc. etc. When reading my old blog I was sad when I couldn’t see a picture or listen to an audio because of a broken link. If I go all Google I’ll never have to worry about broken links again! (When Google is dead and gone, I’ll either A. Be worrying about something WAY more serious! or B. Be dead and gone.)

Anyhow, I’m going to do all the majority of my personal journaling inside of the Googleverse.

A Blog for Me and a Blog for Me

OK. Now we’re back to the title of this post. Here’s the plan. I’m going to turn this blog into one that focuses almost entirely on things Milwaukee. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it’s hard for me because I like to talk about so many other things (personal stuff, interesting thing, random things, funny things, serious things, etc). I originally thought the Milwaukee blog would be the blog for “you” but… upon reflection I realized I’m doing everything for me. Why front! 😀 lol Although I think this blog will be more like a 60/40 me/you split.

The second blog is one where I’m going to go back to my blogging roots. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be posting to it everyday, but with how I like creating content it will probably be the case (and there will likely be days with multiple posts). I’ll be going “full taco” (a term I coined meaning “all out”) on that blog. The link for it is right here:


Since I won’t be moving back to Milwaukee until January, this blog might be a little quite (or not… maybe I’ll start scanning for interesting Milwaukee news). Either way TTFN!

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