Back to Business “As Usual”

If, at anytime in the past, you’ve followed my online antics you’ll know that “as usual” is anything but. If you’re new, welcome aboard!

From Then to Now in 60 Seconds

When we last saw our mild mannered aventurer he was going through a transformation. One that ultimately landed him in a mental institution and led him into a personal cave of disconnection, reflection and a lot of bittorented media and video game playing. Part of this transformation brought him back to questions he long thought were answered for himself:

  • What is reality?
  •  Does it matter what we do?
  •  Who am I?

Honestly these questions, and ones like them, tend to have two totally truthful, correct and polarly opposite answers. For example: Does it matter what we do?

  • Yes! What we do can have a profound effect on our environment, people close to us and, on larger scales, the world!
  •  No. All things comes from nothing and return to nothing.

miltownkid was spending his days and nights ruminating on the macabre. Until last week when the stars unaligned, the wind whispered wake up, he picked up his notebook and started his habit of daily goal writing like he never missed a step.

What You Missed

Not much. I wish I could have somehow recorded the final weeks of “breaking down”, some of the adventures in the mental hospital or how I went about getting picked up for disorderly conduct after stopping morning traffic and rampaging through a Mc Donalds. Until last week I’ve been as lazy as possible. Up at the crack of the afternoon, TV, a book or video games, sleep at 3am. Do it again. I suppose there may have been some noteworthy things I’ve done while living with mom and grandma in small town Iowa. What pops to the top of my mind is 4 weeks of “coaching” kids soccer once a week. There wasn’t a team, and there was no teams for them to play so we just had scrimmages at the end of practice. It was still fun teaching them how to properly pass, shoot, etc.

What’s Next?

After considering “loinclothing it”, moving to South or Central America, being a trucker or going back to school to be a teacher I’ve decided to do what I do best… Be me! Except this time I’m going to be me like I’ve never been before. (Though I suppose that’s technically always true for all people all the time, but you know what I mean.) The plan as of now is to move back to Milwaukee, get a tiny place on the lower east side, train BJJ & taichi, write and make videos. I suppose I’ll have to figure out how to make money but I’m planning on living on so little money each month (less than $750) that it won’t be a major concern. One benefit of being crazy is that the government is willing to pay you for it. 😛 lol

Plan for this Blog and My Youtube Channel

I’d like some feedback on this plan I came up with. I really like daily vlogs (watching them and creating them) but trying to stay “real time” with them can be stressful. The recording bit is easy enough, but the uploading (onto your computer), the editing, the redering, the uploading (onto Youtube) can be quite the grind. The solution I’ve come up with is to make 28 continuos days of content before I post the first video. That way I could have the videos come out at the same time each day, editing/uploading would be totally stress free and it should in no way muck up my day to day living (which will mainly consist of training, writing and a little work).

I REALLY like the idea, but there’s one problem with it. I would have to wait 28 days to get feedback from a video and a potential commenter would have to wait 28 days for a video response. The “instantness” of the internet is one of my favorite things about it. Well, the solution I came up with for that was to make this blog be the place for instant feedback (whenever I’m inspired to create something) and have one (and only ONE!) additional YouTube account that I would use for “whatever” style content (whether it’s something funny, serious, a video response or a short drama featuring a kitten who’s been mistaken as the last member of a modern samurai clan hell bent on world domination). I feel like that way I could have my cake and eat it too!

Plus, once I get setup for it again, I’ll be regularly connected to all the various social webs out there.

Let me know what you think!

If you have specific questions about where I’ve been, what the fuck or… Oh yeah! Here’s another thing of note. Even though I’m a hard core naturalican, I ended up volunteering for the Obama campaign. I did data entry for people who knocked on doors and made phone calls. I even ended up doing some door knocking myself (that can be quite an adventure! lol) Everything they said in the media about Obama having a better ground game was absolutely true. They had a young kid paid to organize shit in the small town that I’m in now (pop like 3,500). The Republicans had some rally one day and put up a bunch of signs. That’s not how you get people to the polls!

peace out!

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12 Responses to Back to Business “As Usual”

  1. First off, WELCOME BACK :D! Glad you decided not to loincloth it! But at least we know if you had, you woulda been prepared to don the appropriate attire even if all you had was the shirt on your back :p.

    I had my first run with psychological weirdness this year. I’ll make a vlog or blog about it in full at some point, but to summarize: Broke the 4th wall of the universe(total matrix zone) then fell into a deep depression made more interesting by anxiety for like 7-8 months(maybe longer?) and I can’t remember much of anything from that whole time period, seem to be recovering but I’m definitely going back to some brain-docs soon for further analysis lol.

    My personal recommendation would be to not worry about making daily vids, just start with weekly vids. Use twitter/blog for day to day happenings/updates and the vid as like, a “highlight reel.” Then if you feel like you want to make more, feel free! But this way you’d be starting out with a much easier goal and if you ever have to scale back from daily vids, you have a foundation of “one vid a week” to fall back on.

    I like the idea of a new anything goes channel, I guess miltownkid would be specifically for vlogs/big updates?

    And about the election, Obama definitely had that in the hat. I REALLY should have made a video about why Romney had no chance to win. At the time though I was just like “rehhhhhh” about it all haha. And it’s funny how much the conservative media was like “Omg the media was biased against Romney ahhh!” when they spent the better part of 2 years virtually CRUCIFYING Ron Paul.

    I have a policy to vote 3rd party now unless the Republican candidate is someone like Rick Santorum, then I’ll vote Democrat without hesitation lol.

    But anyways, shiiiiit this is a long reply, I guess a lot of what you said resonated with me.(As usual bro!). Looking forward to following this next chapter of the miltownverse :).2

    • miltownkid says:

      I’m TOTALLY doing the daily vlogs! lol I figure with the 28 day lead time there should be absolutely no pressure. Besides, I can always skip days. The way I want it though is to not have to do recaps, for it to be a constant stream.

      I know EXACTLY how it feels to break the 4th wall of the universe. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it online, but I should talk about rampaging through Taiwan as the Monkey King… lol Good times. 🙂

      And on politics, what I think I’m going to do is align myself with Democrats (because you pretty much have to roll with one of the big two, even Ron Paul did) and… We’ll see. 🙂 I’m basically going to focus on local politics when I’m back home though.

      Once I approve one comment, the rest go through automatically. Maybe I’ll just turn that feature off (not sure why I turned it on in the first place…)

  2. Chris says:

    Welcome back Miltown. When crazy shit happens I always remember one thing. 30,000 days and out. That is all the universe hands you give or take. You’ve burned almost half of it so far. Time to marry a nice Dutch girl in Amsterdam and get a job at a small micro-brewery.

  3. bugsyx says:

    I’m glad to see the Miltown Kid up and running once again. Those kids that you taught soccer to might not realize just how lucky they were. I look forward too seeing your vlogs once again, because somehow and in some strange sort of way, YouTube just isn’t the same without you buddy. Have a great day!

    • miltownkid says:

      Bugsy! Yeah, it was really fun. The kids had a good time too. The social dynamics of kids is interesting. Every time they pick teams the good kids all wanted to be on one team so they could crash the weaker ones. I asked one of them about it and he was like “It’s way more fun that way!” What happened to enjoying a challenge? Anyhow, one time I had this little mousey kid be captain and he picked a bunch of his mousey friends and a couple maybe one good kid. I don’t know how, but they ended up winning. I laughed real hard on the inside. lol

  4. I’VE BEEN CENSORED NUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually I never posted from twitter to a blog before so IDK if it even worked haha

    Either way, Welcome back MTK! Daily vlogs are cool but don’t get overwhelmed. Making in advance -could- help with that, but maybe just commit to 2-3 vids a week. Make more if you want to but that way it doesn’t pile up and you’re free to scale up/down.

  5. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Your first blog in a long while. And so it’s known, my own blog has actually gotten some use. I started it on a whim because of you, and it has once again become a staple in cleansing my mind of thoughts and ideas. Yet another thing I have to thank you for. 😉

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