#64 – Common Sense + Wu-Tang Clan (武當派)

A couple weeks ago I said I was going to post the miltownkid Casey Payne campaign theme song. Well… Here it is:

I like the way the unification of the Common song is balanced against the warrior’s cry of the Wu-Tang song.

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4 Responses to #64 – Common Sense + Wu-Tang Clan (武當派)

  1. Penney Morse says:

    It may have appeal to a certain crowd, but it lacks universal appeal and it is rather long for a theme song. That’s just my opinion, which isn’t worth much. I don’t really understand the message. I get it’s about the people, but I’m not sure what’s about the people. I also don’t really appreciate the nothing to f…. with talk, but like I said, you’re not looking to appeal to my generation.

  2. Eklctc says:

    *Bravo*…I think it is a Great mix and I understand the message clearly. No matter what you put together, you won’t be able to appeal to ALL people. It didn’t work for the Black Panthers, Clinton, or Lady Gaga. 😀

    But I’ll be there with my mob of people supporting you along with many others.

    Keeping doing you, Mil…oh I mean, Casey. *hugs*

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