MilTownKlan 3.0 – 36 Chambers Open

And you’re all invited to miltownkid’s DEATHDAY and the birth of the MilTownKlan.

The details are on Facebook.

What The F’ Are You Talking About?

If you’re reading this and you’re confused, I’ll explain it to you. As clearly as I can. I know you might be reading this thinking “but what will everyone else think?!” Nothing. That’s what. They won’t see this. Only YOU will.

So, the date I was given a physical body on earth was November 25th, 1979. What you have to understand is. Time doesn’t exist. It was “man made.” Numbers don’t exist. They are “man made.” I’m putting man made into quotes because men didn’t make them. Something else did. I’m setting off on a journey to find that something else and DESTROY it. Why? To free the minds of all the souls trapped here on earth.

Sound too science fiction for you? That’s OK. 🙂

I guess I haven’t explained how I’ve “died” yet then have I? Well, I’m going to live for the collective. The MilTownKlan and all groups and individuals that are directly affiliated with us.

I’ll be making it as easy as possible to get affiliated. This isn’t some religious thing. It’s a… THING THANG! 😀

Anyhow, there are 36 chambers open for anyone that wants to beta test a couple of my platforms throughout 2012. It’s $1 the first month and $67/month after that. What you’ll be testing is:

You’ll also learn how to build your own KLAN (or whatever you’d like to call it).

At the end of the year you’ll have the opportunity to become an official member of the MilTownKlan. The MilTownKlan will be completely full at 150 but… that’s another story for another day.

There are currently 3 members of the Klan.

Myself, thenewloud (if he pays his fucking dues!), miltownpops

It’s open to anyone. Whether you get selected to be an official member at the end of the year or not will be based on your performance throughout the year. If THE KLAN sees you as a value add, you’re in. If not… I suppose you can still apprentice or some shit. We don’t have all the details figured out yet. That’s why the shit is BETA!

There will be a bunch of fly ass perks to being a member that can’t be explained using earthly language. 😉

Our Lineage

Our “Master Plan”

[Join here]

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