I’m 100% Union Made And Union’s 2.0

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I finished a bottle of wizard juice the other day I noticed something on the label.

“Union Made”

Then I got to thinking… Milwaukee is a union made city. My parents were union workers:


Maybe Unions Aren’t So Bad…

So… Now that I’ve stepped into politics I’m taking a closer look at everything I understood theoretically from studying economics. Unions are something that I’ve been giving A LOT of thought recently. Especially because of what’s going on here in Wisconsin with the recall Scott Walker efforts and what happened with collective bargaining rights. Also because… I was for a moment totally convinced that unions WERE the problem (and that may have been true for a period of time…) Here’s why:

My Initial Exposure To Economics

I’ll delve more into the subject of economics in future posts, but I want to touch on how I got into it. A friend in Taiwan gave me a book by Thomas Sowell: Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy. This book BLEW MY MIND! I was raised in a hipster-dipster household where either consciously or subconsciously I was told about the evils of money, corporations, banks, etc. After reading that book I started having questions… Then I went on to read more books on economics by the good ol’ boys: Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek and a bunch of fun people. All this reading about economics helped me better understand the nature of money and how barter could successfully compliment the system we have now (especially with money being the fictitious product of the global elite that it is today).

Since I was raised by communist hipster-dipsters that wanted to take down the man, I was exposed to (or the thoughts that produced) ideas concerning Intentional Communities, Sustainable Energy, Barter Exchanges, Open Source, Simple Living, Spirituality, Clan/Tribe Building and all that other fun stuff EXCEPT I wasn’t no damn hippy and wouldn’t do it in a hipster-dipster way!

Union’s 2.0

I’ve never taken a look at the definition of union. Check it out! It’s worth the time. There’s a lot I want to throw at you but… I’ll try to contain myself a bit.

First, whenever a new union is forged, there’s conflict competing forces “play”. Whether it’s the sperm getting into the egg, a marriage of 2 (not necessary opposite) sexes or two (or more) countries “going to war.”

Second, the union should create a stronger more mutually beneficially entity than what the two components were acting individually.

That said there’s… a lot going on right now (I suppose there has always been a lot going on but I chose to play video games and drink beer instead of involving myself. 😛 ). So I grew up in the US and spent my adulthood in “free China” (aka Taiwan). I was exposed to two very different cultures and ways of thought which I’m doing my best to merge into one. Similarly to what is happening on the larger stage between America and China.

I also spent a lot of time “offline” growing up, but LOVE the online and I’m trying to merge those two cultures into one. I love entrepreneurship/capitalism but I also like ideas present in collective thought/communism and… I’m trying to merge the ideas together.

Many of these ideas are ideas that at first glance would seem to be in direct competition with each other (and I suppose they are!) Like it’s impossible for them to work. Well… it is possible.

Let me close up this post. What we’re all witnessing right now is the merger/unionizing of a lot of different things and they’re all popping off at the same time. Capitalism/Communism, Online/Offline, individualism/collectivism, social currency/fiat currency, manmade law/natural law, quantum/Newtonian physics Democrats/Republicans and the list goes on and on.

More specifically what we’re witnessing in Wisconsin is a battle between corporate mafias and unionized/familial mafias (I’m using mafia in as neutral a tone as possible. 🙂 ) Corporations are comprised of individuals that believe the coordinated effort of individuals working together… as individuals is best. Hence there being a corporate structure (CEOs, Managers, Workers, etc.) Unions are (supposed to be) about the 3 musketeer motto of “One for all and all for one!”

What does it look like when you put the two of these together? I’ll definitely have to save that for another post, but I’ll point to a company like W. L. Gore & Associates. Using Dunbar’s Number to split up groups as they approach a size that would require management, they’ve maintained profitability (corporations like that!) and that union feel (that’s the story I’ve been told anyway…)

What does it look like when you put it all together? SHEEEEEEEEEIIIITTT! I don’t know! lol

Note: The difference between corporate speak and union speak of “coming together” is interesting. Unions… unionize I suppose. Corporations merge, have hostile take overs, acquisitions (like purchase), etc. Merge sounds alright, the other two…

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  1. Penney Morse says:

    There’s a lot you left out:)

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