How To #OccupyGovernment

Don’t like the current administration? Kick’em all out! 😀 That’s what we get to do here in America. 🙂 It’s actually what makes America awesome (for now, assuming we don’t lose this war… No worries if we do, you’ll find me in the mountains of Taiwan. :D)

Step 1

Find someone crazy enough to run and crazy enough to be OK with winning.

DUDE! milverine SO needs to be an alderman? What district is he in? Lets get on that. Then he could spend his nights fighting crime and his days training to take on Anderson Silva! 😀

Step 2

Figure out what you have to do to get someone on the ballot. Here in Milwaukee I just had to go down to city hall, submit some papers and then start getting some signatures on December 1st (all you Occupy Mother Fuckers could get over 9,000 signatures in a day!)

Step 3

Organize your team to come together like Voltron. I was told you want a:

  • Person for organizing calls and shizzle (getting you teh fucking chedda!)
  • Finance Person (organizing teh fucking cheda!)
  • Data Director (that’s what we do already!)
  • Field Director (for the IRL shit, I recommend hitting up your local LARP group!
  • Compliance Person (making sure you’re shit is legit! Who do you think you are? Wall Street? lol)

Then all you mother fuckers can come together like voltron!

Step 4

Seek out wisdom from the cool old old guard that doesn’t like what the current old guard is doing. Then it’s like… you have this young epic mobile suit, with an old old guard mind operation it. Like some Evangelion shit!

Step 5- GO TO WAR

Wars here aren’t fought with bullets. They’re fought with fear and propaganda. If enough people wanted to be “uncivil” about bucking the system they could be. We’ve seen plenty of examples of that in the recent past (here and around the world). This is INFORMATION WARFARE!!!! Insert your favorite epic battle (here’s mine):

This one is fitting because it signifies a changing of the guard. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. We don’t want violence. We just know that the current masters of the temple aren’t doing what’s needed to be done so. We must challenge them to a fight.

The arena for this fight isn’t in the streets (damn hippies, you’re still around?) it’s through educating yourself about how the process of government works, figuring out what to do to change it and… start hacking!

We’re better at organizing and mobilizing.

So organize, mobilize and get them muthafuckers out and get us (teh internet) in. I’m doing my piece in Milwaukee. Are you doing yours where you are?

Oh shit! The hive mind beat me to it! lol

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3 Responses to How To #OccupyGovernment

  1. Penney Morse says:

    You still have a lot to learn.

    • miltownkid says:

      Oh? I’m trying to unlearn. What is it I still have to learn?

      • Dawn says:

        I still think a lot of the unhappiness we’re trynig to ameliorate with various substances is caused by a spiritual thing. And I’m not saying Go out and find Jesus I mean, do it if that’s what floats your boat but if not, you have to find another way to fill that gap. We are constantly rushing, consuming and just trynig to make it through the day. Really, it is no way to live. We also have to make time for connecting with others, enjoying the simple things and just being without feeling an emptiness that needs filling with something alcoholic.The trick is in finding out what does it for us and then making time to do it. And this from a person who likes a bloody good drink.

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