The Future Of Advertising And A Business Proposition Worth Millions

I couldn’t find @MarkFairbanks‘ email address, so I decided to make this a blog post instead. 😀 That makes it easier to put towards my total words per day (now that I’m destined to be a writer!)

Out With The Old, In With The New

When I first started using YouTube I realized that people are going to stop watching TV and TV shows and start watching people (that was happening already with “reality” TV). Not all people, but some (like me!) Also people are going to start ignoring all advertising attempts. Again, not all, but people like me.

How are we going to reach these people?

Take Me For Example

Exhibit A:

That video is real life. I have no idea how many Flip camera’s I’ve sold from people asking me what camera they should buy, but I’d certainly like to know. I wish I was doing all the tracking for shizzle like that. But it takes time, energy, resources and knowledge to get that all setup properly. I could easily do it through Amazon links, but doesn’t like you selling shizzle and… it doesn’t really seem to be worth the effort (for me to do it anyway).

The Future Of Advertising/Marketing

If you haven’t caught it already, the future lies in promoting products and services through people that have a following and compensating them for their promoting. NOT in a selling out fashion. In a, HOLY SHIT! I LOVE THIS BRAND I AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME way.

The Business Proposition

I won’t spell out the whole plan, but enough for someone to “steal” it if they wanted to. 😉 Lets start with me first.

What I’d like to do is partner with someone that would help me pimp out my blog/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook in a way that lets me be me while promoting shit I like. For me it would be health stuff, spiritual stuff, Milwaukee stuff, Martial Arts stuff, personal development stuff, etc.

I don’t know exactly how everything would get balanced out (technical, business vs. personal, splitting of profits, etc.) BUT if that got figured out it would be…


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! I might mess around an end up an Apple fanboy if I keep reading up on Steve Jobs. An interesting halo effect of his passing is people making (us) crazies more socially acceptable. 😀

Anyhow, once a template is made it could be applied to thousands of people all around the world and a network of “brand agents” could be built so when a company wants to introduce their product into the Chilean market, they don’t need to do a bunch of research. They interview some of our agents in that sector, choose the one that is a fit for them (and vice-versa) and the brand agent, who is a influential wizard celebrity in their particular culture (and culture of that culture) niche goes to work doing what they do best.

If there wasn’t one “the company” would find one and create one by putting them through our intense 6 week influential wizard celebrity course (which teaches them all of the NLP brainwashing illuminati mind tricks which have been developed over thousands of test cases). 😀

The Details

I have this theory of business (and life) that as much as possible should be done as transparently as possible. What I had in mind for Mark (or whomever thinks this is a good idea) was some kind of split for a miltownkid LLC (which I would be a majority share owner of of course, it’s my life! lol) Then all of the profits and whatnot could be run through that (from Google Adsense, affiliate sales, “deals” made with brands I think are awesome).

At whatever point it becomes clear that this is an awesome idea (I already know it is as it’s from me. 😉 ) A parent organization is created which ends up being the owner of the other slice of miltownkid LLC (and then I’d like a slice of that parent organization).

This can all be boot strapped (the best way to start), time/skill would be the only investments. (I’ve already logged tens of thousands of hours into this startup! lol)

The Key

The real key to all of this would be connecting passionate blogging/vlogging souls out there to awesome companies and facilitating everything in a way that makes the blogger/vlogger happy and the company happy. Shit being smooth is what the company pays for, blogger/vloggers will be happy to get paid when they didn’t have a clear monetization plan in place prior.


The best example I have of this is winning the Ford Fiesta. I wish I could have done a better job of promoting the Fiesta at the time but… I was in a different place in life. 🙂 That said, they created an extreme Ford fanboy where I was team Mazda before that. Guess what my first new car is going to be (I won’t make you guess, a Ford Fiesta).

I wish I was positioned to market more things I love (like… Milwaukee Brewing Co. 😉 ):


The most wonderful thing about being a miltownkid is I’m the only one! 😉

I need to wrap this post up. I don’t think this style would work for all bloggers/vloggers, but it would for some. I love marketing so much that I would love to live and breath it too. If a contract got worked out with Apple, I’d get rid of all other products that didn’t fit in. That said I’m a fan of Samsung and Sony too! lol No one has captured me as a “loyalist” yet. And… I suppose no one would unless an agreement was worked out. Or perhaps only certain things would/could get a “loyalist” agreement (like with Brew City), other things would have to be something else (there’s no way I’m becoming a gaming loyalist! I need to have ALL the systems! lol)

Like I said, I don’t have it all worked out, but I think there’s something there worth exploring…

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2 Responses to The Future Of Advertising And A Business Proposition Worth Millions

  1. miltownmom says:

    Get your jeans at Value Village. It’s the ecological thing to do and it’s my favorite place to shop and drop off the detritus of life I no longer need so someone else can use it.

    • JoeSomebody2 says:

      I like your style MTM. 😀

      A lot of media I watch these days deal with people entertaining people about what they mutually enjoy, so I can dig on this thought. Seeing as the majority of them started doing it for fun’s sake rather than as a means for profit, it would seem that’s the best way to get a company’s attention. Or is even that model changing now?

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