I Love Marketing

I really do. Especially now that I REALLY see how it fits into things I want to accomplish. Mastering the arts of marketing and selling isn’t just for products and services. It’s also for ideas, feelings and other things not so easily measure!

I briefly mention in the video below that I attended a conference for pastors this past week. One could argue that people are purchasing a “service” from church, but I don’t think it’s in the same sense as one purchases a service from a mechanic. What you’re purchasing is… community, guidance and in some cases entry to heaven. 😉

While writing this I got to thinking, what exactly is a person buying when they get a lottery ticket? A story (what they’d do if they win), entertainment, etc…

Anywho… here’s the video. It’s back to marketing for me!

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1 Response to I Love Marketing

  1. miltownmom says:

    Should have hooked up with cousin Jim and the cactus nursury while you were there. He could have told you about the cactus things.

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