The First Essay Written On miltownkid

Well… The first essay I’m aware of anyway! I guess this is also the first “guest post.” The person who wrote this chose to remain anonymous but said they’re OK with me sharing it on the blog. I often times get messages sent to me telling me how much of an effect I’ve had on someone’s life. Those kinds of emails are probably my largest motivating factor for creating the content that I create online. I TRULY don’t care about views, subscribers, money, etc. except for how it relates to being able to positively effect others (and more happens to be better! 😉 ) Anyhow, here’s the essay. I didn’t make any changes to it (other than extra line breaks for ease of reading). I just copied and pasted it from the email.

A Paper About Someone Who Influenced You

There is always a time in life when a hero shows up. Somebody who has inspired you, and helped you learn the meaning of life. But who knew that hero would exist on the internet? Casey Payne, also known by his internet name “Miltownkid”, is a guy who just doesn’t live life by the rules. His alias derives from his hometown and playground Milwaukee, hence the term “Miltown”, and the term “kid”, which exploits his young and lively personality. Suffering from bipolar disorder, he has learned to cope with his illness and uses it as a learning experience when pursuing life. Casey’s evolution from a Milwaukee native, to overcoming his manic bipolar episodes, to his views and goals on making the world a better place, and inspiring me to do better is what makes him my role model, while at the same time still preserving his inner “kid”.

Casey was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having a white mother and a black father, this gave him a cultural advantage over most people, being able to see the world from two different perspectives. He has a passion for Asian culture and martial arts, and currently teaches and runs his own Tai Chi class. In the year 2000, Casey had his first manic episode and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Since then, he experienced another 3 manic episodes, battling the use of medication and the months spent at mental health institutions. However, he has learned to deal with his illness, or “tame the beast” as he says, and manages the use of his meds. Casey’s dream career lies within entrepreneurialism and marketing, and hopes to achieve success by the billions in the near future.

I believe a hero should be able to make the best out of something bad. In today’s society, being labelled as “mentally ill” has a significant burden on you, specifically the second you step foot out of your home. Seeing him go through job after job, learning from his past experiences and mistakes, and continuing to move forward strengthens the drive I have to achieve success in my life. Being bipolar only pushes him to improve his qualities and attributes as a person as well as his overall personality, and articulates the importance of sociality and connections. Within the past year, I made the most connections I ever made in my life. This includes getting a job, volunteering at marathons and galleries, making more friends, and having better relationships with my teachers. In the end, it is all about how you present yourself as an opportunistic individual.

Casey’s main approach of getting his message across to his audience is through videos. He owns a Youtube account, and posts daily videos regarding his goals, personal life, and new ideas which he shares with his viewers. After viewing his videos, I finally came in terms with my own self, and realized how important it is to be unique, and more importantly; me. Thanks to him, writing my goals has now become an occurring habit for me, such as doing better in school, to joining extracurricular activities, and to smarter ways of spending and handling money. His idea of always being innovative has helped me succeed in school assignments and tasks. Homework is now done on a daily basis and his emphasis on staying in shape makes me hit the gym regularly. Miltownkid showed me the ambition to excel in life by dedication and hard work.

Casey is my hero, for his disorder, his passion to become successful, and the chance to have been able to have insight on his life for the past few years, which has changed my perspective on life.

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2 Responses to The First Essay Written On miltownkid

  1. Berni Xiong says:

    What a wonderful and enlightening post.

    Quite honestly, there are more of us than not who suffer from some level of mental health or behavioral disorder whether or not it can be diagnosed as manic depression or bipolar disorder.

    Sadly, there will most likely always be a stigma attached to it and we can either choose to hide in shame or live transparently with it and educate our selves and others to learn how to adapt so that we can live more passionately and purposefully.

    Casey, you are a brave and kind soul and I commend you for all that you aspire to be and do in and for the community. Reminds me of this TED Talk that if you haven’t already seen you’ll definitely enjoy on “breaking the silence” though he talks of suicide:

    Mad respect and love,
    Berni Xiong

  2. Penney Morse says:

    Quite a tribute! It’s good you can inspire others and they accept your (as well as their own) imperfections.

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