I Love Marketing Event Day One (Morning)

I need to make blogging a habit… lol I’ve been a busy little bee on my YouTube channel, but haven’t updated the blog to reflect said busyness. I guess that’s just because they’re two different mediums which I use differently. Anyhow… On to the marketing!

I Won The Contest

What contest? This contest! Here’s the video I won it with:

So now I’m in Phoenix, AZ typing this blog post for you and getting ready to go to the first day of the event!

Any Questions?

Now that I think about it… I’m already learning from this event and it hasn’t even started yet! After registering to the event you get an MP3 and PDF emailed to you called “21 Time Tested Tips To Get Maximum Value From ANY Piranha Marketing Event.” (I think I’ll make something like that for the Social Milwaukee meetups! πŸ™‚ ) The very first tip is:

Make a list of the key questions you want answered from the presentations.

I have 16 right now (and I’m still coming up with them), but maybe you have some questions you’d like me to think about while I’m at the event. If you do, leave them as a comment or go to the connect page and send them to me however you want.

If you’re serious about submitting a question, I recommend taking a chunk of time to go through the I Love Marketing Event website to see who’s presenting and have a better idea of what the event is about. You might want to dig a little deeper and google each presenter as well (I know I would! πŸ˜‰ )

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1 Response to I Love Marketing Event Day One (Morning)

  1. miltownmom says:

    Congratulations! You have a cousin in Chandler, AZ with a cactus nursery who could probably use some advice on marketing. You should give him a call while you’re there. Maybe you could connect with him.

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