9/11 Was A Trajedy

I wasn’t going to make a blog post (or video or status update or…) about 9/11. I’ve said much of what I have to say already. I sat down to do some work and decided to take a peek at the 9/11 Was An Inside Job Facebook page I setup. The numbers were way up and there was some interesting conversation BUT I didn’t see a status update from my newly elected admin. I thought I had better say something.

I probably spent 30 minutes coming up with the follow text:

Whether you believe 9/11 was an “inside” job or not, it was a tragedy. Not just to Americans but humanity. Regardless of who you believe was responsible for the attacks, the victims, their family and friends have earned a day of respect. The victims include people from original event, global citizens affected from 10 years of war and (some of) our civil liberties.

I would have just left things there, my sole “anonymous” update… BUT then I noticed that the page posted an update 7 minutes before I did! THAT was an odd “coincidence”! I had a quick chat with the other admin and I guess he was thinking the same thing at the same time and posted his update 7 minutes before I posted mine.

That encouraged me to share the status update and weird “coincidence” in this post.

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1 Response to 9/11 Was A Trajedy

  1. Penney Morse says:

    Well said.

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