I was suppose to be chilling all day but… no… I wake up at like 4AM, crank out 3 videos, redo the [MilTownKlan website] and now post this blog post.

NOW that I’m all done I’ll play some video games and pick up my room a bit. 🙂

What I was trying to say in the video is that I got all jacked up by that contest. Made me want to go BALLS OUT with all of my projects. I’ve calmed down and centered back on Social Milwaukee. I’m having an organizers meeting for the Social Milwaukee meetup tonight, I’ll get the speakers lined up tomorrow and get back to getting new people signed up to the meetup.

I’m excited about having bringing the MilTownKlan back. 🙂

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2 Responses to CTRL+ALT+MTK

  1. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Major work on one project has proven to improve productivity and desire in other projects. Be it creative juices or the desire to do something new, keep hopping as much as you can (though be sure to note if you are finished first). Being sleepless helps as well, as shown when I wrote in my rough draft writing journal all night a couple weeks ago during a night of restless thoughts. Science! 😉

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