Milwaukee Brews #1 – Riverwest Stein & PBR @ Riverwest Public House Co-op

I’ve long thought about doing a beer review for every single beer brewed or historically founded in Wisconsin. I’ll probably still do that but it’s more economical for me to start in Milwaukee, so I give you Milwaukee Brews!

I was originally going to make this a Wednesday feature on my blog but drinking over the weekend had a detrimental effect on finishing the video I wanted to upload today so, as they say, necessity is the mother of changing your publishing date.

History of Milwaukee Brewing

I actually don’t know much about the history (from a historical sense), but when I get to my last beer, I’ll probably be a wealth of knowledge. What I do know is that we’ll still internationally known for being the “beer capital of the world” regardless of what other cities’ marketing departments attempt to claim. I also know that we apparently suck at getting information about our history online… πŸ˜› I found an interesting article that postulates as to why we were given such an “honorable” tile ( – “Why Milwaukee?”. Besides the business and branding, people from Milwaukee actually like to drink! I know you could say this is true about all cities everywhere but, it means something special here. It’s like… a hobby (for some people). πŸ˜€

How My Reviews Will Work

Getting WASTED isn’t what drinking is about (for me anyway, if it is for you you’re either still in your early twenties or should seek help. πŸ˜‰ lol) Drinking is about the experience and being social (for me). It’s also not about tasting “good” for me, it’s about experiencing a wide variety of flavors. There are definitely some beers I like more than others but… the taste won’t be the focus of my reviews. There are more than enough reviews giving beers 5 stars, two thumbs up, etc. My reviews are going to be centered around the experience and the history (of the beers and the bars that I drink them in). Oh, and obviously Milwaukee. πŸ˜‰

I’ll video some stuff when I drink the beers (more for artistic value than informative), then I’ll come home and write about the experience, location and history. πŸ™‚ Without further ado…

Milwaukee Brews #1 – Riverwest Stein & PBR @ Riverwest Public House Co-op

I don’t think I could have started this more perfectly. If you don’t know this about me I’m in love with the idea of co-ops (in theory anyway) and to have my first step in my “journey of 1000 beers” be in a co-op is awesome. What’s even more awesome is my first beer is one of my favorites and I was drinking it in the community it was named after in a bar named after the community. I wonder what makes Riverwest Stein one of my favorite beers… Like I said above, I’m not too good at describing tastes. I like the darkness and that I’m reminded that I’m drinking a good beer after every sip.

The second beer to grace my lips was a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon). I think I’ll save the history of Pabst for another post, but if you’re old enough I’m sure you remember the “P.B.R. Me A.S.A.P” commercials (which, now that I think about it, I didn’t know what ASAP meant at the time…) Actually, it looks like I will be giving you a little history I gleaned from the Pabst Wikipedia page. PBR’s sales peak was in 1977 (before I was born) and fell back to only 10% of that by 2001. It’s vague, but I can remember the people picketing outside of Milwaukee’s brewery and my mom talking about scabs… (I didn’t know what a scab was then either!) Anyhow, about the beer!

I can’t remember the last time I had a PBR, but before the other night I remember them being nasty. I don’t know if it was the music, the atmosphere or some combination of both, but drinking it was highly pleasurable and highly tasty. It had somewhat of a sweetness to it, although that might have been because of the Riverwest Stein I drank immediately before. Some other things worth noting is that PBRs are always “competitively priced” which is nice and it’s fun drinking out of a can. Makes you feel like you’re a part of the “in crowd” (although I don’t think my pants were nearly tight enough).

All of this drinking was done to the tunes of Begin By Gathering Supplies. They were really good! The signer was good, they had some funky electro beats and there was some stringed instrument that this dude had laying on his lap (he even played it with his beer once!)

That’s all I got. TOTALLY stop by the The Riverwest Public House Cooperative and tell them miltownkid sent you!

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3 Responses to Milwaukee Brews #1 – Riverwest Stein & PBR @ Riverwest Public House Co-op

  1. Brian says:

    Man Milwaukee keeps sounding better and better ;). Definitely looking forward to following along.

    I’d be interested to do the same thing here in Birmingham, I’m clueless about the local beer heritage, but I do in general prefer craft beers to the “cheap stuff ;).” but I agree about the social aspect of it. While I do enjoy a good session plus gaming/movies, just having a drink or two and chilling can be awesome.

    To date though I haven’t drank at a bar. It still feels odd to me I suppose because I just turned 21 back in March lol.

  2. Penney Morse says:

    If you could read German, you’d probably learn the history of beer in Milwaukee–it has to do with the German settlers, who were also brewers back in Germany. You MUST be able to find out something about that. Call Art, Franz’s dad and ask him. He knows a ton about the history of Germans in Milwaukee.

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