Found My Card?

I’ve started leaving the “calling card” above wherever I go. If you find one:

  • Sign it and pass it on to someone who you think could get it to me.
  • Take a picture/video and send it to me.
  • Drop it off at VETransfer.
  • Or come up with something else equally entertaining!
  • I’ll add a list of people who have found cards with a link to their verification (a picture or video) and link to their webzone. Who’s going to be first?!

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7 Responses to Found My Card?

  1. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Good design there. I used to spread my “card” all over the place when I remembered to print out new ones. Mind you, all it was is a small slip of paper with the words “JoeSomebody2” and “YouTube” on it. I figured curiosity would work its magic. Need to jump start it and see if it can work again. 😛

    • miltownkid says:

      I think you need to get and set your blog up there! Then you could use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” cards too! I should have a template for the cards in this blog post later this week. 🙂

      • JoeSomebody2 says:

        I’m cool with the free use of WordPress, though I suppose it’s an idea should I ever wish to upgrade. And to be honest, I may be too cheap to bother with color printing at this time. Should my budget ever boom, then it’s an option. 😛

      • Peter Amin says:

        This comment is about the video you made about Bi-Polar DIS order. I have postive feedback for you I did a 10 page essay on the subject and I”m here to say your SANE and O.K.. “The worse crime in human history is for a corrupt society labeling SOCIAL ISSUES with MEDICAL TERMINOLGY so that the society can wipe there hands clean”.. Amos Wilson
        WE ARE A DOMINATED PEOPLE WHO ALL REACT TO THE DISorder of things.. So your order of life and its place in the universe is being attacked! what you watch on t.v, eat, and the morals of life given to us by then is the main cause.. THE MEDS. FROM ADHD THE SIDE EFFECTS PRODUCE “BI-POLAR” BEHAVIOR, AND THE MEDS. FROM BI-POLAR CAUSES PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA.! I GOT SUM HEAT DAWG EMAIL ME AT PETERAMN27@YAHOO.COM

  2. Penney Morse says:

    For Peter, is this why so many middle school age kids are on psychiatric meds?

  3. Eklctc says:

    ha! Showing off the Vibrams, are you? That would be awesome if one of your cards ended up here in Denver, CO! 🙂

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