Vote Hustling For The YouTube Homepage Day 3

Here are the current standing’s:

And here are yesterday’s results:
Voting Day 3

Still looks dismal but… I’m not giving up yet! The voting runs until Monday. A strategy change is in order though!

More Lessons About Focus

Almost exactly one month ago I blogged about focus and then I blogged about what my focus was going to be. Choosing a main focus (Social Milwaukee) was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! How is this relevant to today?

Yesterday I talked about having a plan B and plan C. I thought those would add to what I was doing, but really they just took away from plan A (rallying Milwaukee). Plan B and Plan C consisted of rallying the MilTownKlan and rallying the I Power Community. Not bad ideas in theory, but they would take (and have already taken) a lot of time and energy to really get moving. Time and energy that should have been spent on plan A.

This focus thing applies to more than just long term thinking… It would have been the optimal move in the short term as well.

Well… Live and learn. 🙂

Focusing On Milwaukee

Now I’m going to do what I should have been doing all day yesterday. Focusing on Milwaukee! My goal originally was and should have stayed getting as many people in Milwaukee to get their eyeballs on the website.

Something Fun That Came Out Of Yesterday

I really like this video I was posting on Facebook wall’s yesterday:

I only got half way through the Cs for my friends, but I’ve gotten a positive response from it so far. 🙂 It’s also been fun reconnect with people I haven’t iVisited in a long time.

Hustling LIVE from 9AM-6PM Today!

I’m going to grind with FB posts and tweets all day today and you can hang with me while I do! I’ll probably take a break here and there to eat/relax with a video game, but other then that… GRIND! If I recruit 3 or 4 people to grind with me… we might catch up!

You can watch/hang out with me here.

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2 Responses to Vote Hustling For The YouTube Homepage Day 3

  1. Penney Morse says:

    I have trouble keeping up with what your focus is. Hmmmm…….

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