Vote Hustling For The YouTube Homepage Day 2

What ever happens, it’s going to be fun tracking my ideas and progress. Here’s a snapshot of the beginning of the 3rd day of voting:
Voting Day 3
If you look at the numbers as they stand it would appear that all hope is lost. This couldn’t be further from the truth! To understand why, you have to compare it to yesterday’s photo:

Done properly, math doesn’t lie (except for maybe quantum mechanics, but… I don’t think that lies either, it just lies looking at it from one dimension… or something. :D) What you’ll notice is that not only did I double my votes from one day to the next BUT my percentage of the total votes increased by 2%! That means although the two vote leader came out of the gate strong, they’re not accelerating.

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have massive acceleration over the next two days, then I’ll reach the “tipping point” (good book) and EXPLODE! That is… if things go according to plan. 😉

The Plan

This is actually only part one of a three part plan. I’ll save the discussion of the other two parts for tomorrow since they’re not done yet and this part is probably the most significant. I didn’t know who I would be up against but what I did know is that my following alone wouldn’t be enough to win. That meant I had to motivate a larger following. One way I’m doing that is by rallying the whole City of Milwaukee!

That video, mini site and domain ( are the results from yesterday’s hustling. The video got a HUGE upgrade thanks to the work of friends (here’s the original).

After I finish up the next 2 parts of the plan, it’s SPAMNATION time! 😀 (There is such a thing as spamming for good!) Actually, it won’t be too spammy. I’ll be contacting all of my friends directly, hitting up news people, radio people, folks on the Tweeters and encouraging others to do the same.

IF things go according to plan, I’ll build enough momentum over the next two days to get in striking distance of the two leaders AND be news worthy enough to get picked up by local news, celebrities (in or from Milwaukee), prominent Milwaukee bloggers, etc.

I’ve Already Won, I Want Milwaukee To Win Too!

Just getting selected to be one of the 4 was a win for me but I’ll also get added exposure from the hustling I’m going to do. I sincerely want this win more for Milwaukee than I do myself! Whether I win this contest or not doesn’t matter for miltownkid. I’ve been hype about Milwaukee since before I moved to Taiwan (2002) and on a mission to put Milwaukee on the map. This isn’t the first time I’ve had an opportunity like this (won a free car and a laptop from a top blogger) and it won’t be the last. Whatever happens, miltownkid is going to keep grinding until miltownkid sees the results he wants to see (this contest will be a nice boost, but I still have YEARS of grinding left to build a Fortune 500 company… 😉 ).

Milwaukee’s most recent national and international coverage was about the “flash mob” at the State Fair… When you’re outside of the city (nationally or internationally) people know us for beer, Jeffrey Dahmer and Harley (I asked someone from South Africa and he said it was beer and segregation for him).

Spun right this could be a news story about a city that came together to win a contest to get a video showcasing how awesome the city is on the YouTube homepage. First we’d get buzz about winning, then we’d have people waiting to see the sweet ass city of Milwaukee video that would be featured on the YouTube homepage.

Back To Work!

I’ve spent enough time on this blog post! Lucky for me I woke up 2 hours before my alarm clock was set to go off. 🙂 Another HUGE win for me is that I’m going to keep this level of hustle steady even after the contest is over and apply it to my startup! That’s going to be… AWESOME!

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  1. miltownmom says:

    That is a better video.

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