Help Me Get On The YouTube Homepage

Here where the voting stood at 6:22AM Milwaukee time:

Some may think it looks terrible for me. I don’t! I’m the kind of guy that loves math, so I had to break it down mathematically. What do I have to do, mathematically speaking, to win this thing? Something that I can pull off realistically. This is what I came up with:

10*10*100 = 10,000 = 100*100

If I can find 100 people that will vote AND get 100 other people to vote that would be 10,000 people! (OK OK, 10,101, because of me and the 100 recruiters, but you get the idea). I’ve never won contests like these because of how large my following is. I’ve always won them because how hardcore some of the people are (I suppose hardcore attracts hardcore… lol)

Don’t feel ANY pressure to be one of the 100. I’ll happily take one of your votes. 😀 BUT, if you do decide to get CRAZY with it, let me know in the comments so I can thank you!

Wait… What Are You Talking About?

Oh yeah! The contest!


I also made a video that explains everything (share it, or this blog post, with your friends!)

I’ll be doing an update every day this week (the voting lasts a week). This will be interesting…

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1 Response to Help Me Get On The YouTube Homepage

  1. Penney Morse says:

    Good luck. I’m not too good at forwarding things. You’ll have to teach me how to be better at it some time when you have time.

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