Top 10 Reasons Why Google+ (Plus) Will Win “The Game”

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And you just lost. 😀

For my mom and other people who have no idea what Google+ is go [HERE] (it’s Google’s new social networking… addition to their suite of services).

Reason #10 – It’s Not Fucking Wave!

Google might do stupid things (Wave, Buzz) but they’re not stupid. They’re constantly learning from their failures (so far). The only thing G+ has in common with Wave is that they were both created by minds working for Google (and they have a lot of minds working for them.)

Reason #9 – Orkut

Lots of people in the know know this, but there are even more people out of the know. Google already owns a massively successful (in Brazil) social network. It’s called Orkut. I’ve long thought it was a better user experience than Facebook, but it didn’t have any of my peeps on it so I haven’t played with it for over 2 years. It was better then than Facebook is NOW.

Reason #8 – Circles

Facebook TOTALLY FUCKING FAILED with this. I’ve been trying to organize my Facebook friends with those stupid lists ever since I started using it. I finally just deleted people I didn’t really know and called it a fucking day. What I wanted then (and now) was a way to organize different feeds so I could effortlessly switch between seeing what’s up with close friends, internet peeps, family and others. Circles (a G+ feature) allows that.

Reason #7 – Facebook+Twitter+4Square = Win

G+ has basically combined the best of the top services into one sweet package. I don’t know about you, but I hate that I have updates with one service, photos somewhere else, check ins yet another place and my profile on Facebook.

Reason #6 – Android

Android isn’t exactly the Microsoft of mobile devices (yet! 😉 ), but it has very serious market penetration. Your social networking will seamlessly blend with your mobile experience. Sexy.

Reason #5 – Web Properties: YouTube + Blogger + Gmail + Picasa + Google Docs + Chat +…

Not wonder they call it G+! I could have easily made each one of the properties above they’re own reason, but I’m challenging myself! G+ isn’t a social networking site. It’s a social network FEATURE added to a suite of SWEET services.

Reason #4 – They’re Not The Trail Blazers

It’s hard being a trail blazer. You have to learn everything the hard way while everyone on the sidelines gets to learn from your mistakes. Remember MySpace? They were kings of social for a while. They just laid off half their staff (and are rumored to lay off 150 more!)… Facebook had explosive growth, but there’s still much to improve. Google has been able to lay back in the cut and take notes about what to do and not to do.

Reason #3 – The Cool Kids Dig It

I can’t speak for all of the cool kids, but I’m pretty cool and I know some pretty cool people and… yeah. We dig it.

Reason #2 – The CIA

Your government won’t let it fail!

(Queue X-Files theme music.)

Reason #1 – It’s Fucking Google!

Yeah, I’m a fan boy. I can’t even hate on Apple fan boys. They’re probably waiting for the Apple Social Network to come out (I’m sure it’s right around the corner). I want to have my Android phone, my Chromium netbook and do all of my work in Google apps.

Anyhow, that’s what I think. Did I miss some reasons?

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134 Responses to Top 10 Reasons Why Google+ (Plus) Will Win “The Game”

  1. whcarpent says:

    Apple has Ping, if you want to call it social media. I do like G+, I just hope that they don’t flood it with crap like FB.

    • miltownkid says:

      I don’t think that’s going to happen (being flooded with crap). Two reasons.

      1. You can already flood your crap on Facebook which is setup for it and has way more users.

      2. Google is going to monetize “better.” I think they’re going to get the business involvement with social media RIGHT.

  2. I signed up for twitter because of you. Now You Got Me Two More Social Networks To Sign Up For.

  3. Penney Morse says:

    When do you have time to do social media? I barely check facebook. I’ll see if I can give it a try–when I have time!

    • JoeSomebody2 says:

      Penney! The one who has her priorities straight! 😀

      *ahem* so yeah, I joined up on the bizness, and while I see cool features with it all, I don’t really know if it’s a worthwhile venture yet. You certainly are selling it though, so I’m looking forward to what it can bring.

  4. Pierre says:

    It’s Reason 5. They just offer so much stuff you already use.

    btw: need an invitation 🙂

  5. anthony says:

    I if you have a Google plus invite, i let you my email adress.


  6. Miltown please send me a Google+ invite 😀 – Thanks!

  7. Anthony says:

    [Removed Email Address]

  8. Paul C says:

    Just found this article via twitter. Very nice! I’ve been waiting impatiently to try G+, so if you have any invites left, I’d really appreciate one. Thanks!

  9. Zack says:

    Miltownkid hook me up with a + invite? I saw the youtube video! 😀

  10. HFL377 says:

    i would like a G+ invite. please. if you have any left?

  11. Jason says:

    Hey man, I’m here from your YouTube video, I’d appreciate a G+ invite, thanks dude, keep doing your thing!

  12. Charlie says:

    say youtube video and trying to get an invite

  13. Hayden says:

    Hey man if you could hook me up ied appreciate that.

  14. Sean says:

    Yo Miltown, invite? 😀

  15. Blake says:

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  16. Roger Braz says:

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  17. hi man i came from youtube 😀 love your vids man could i have an invite plz 😀

    [removed email]

  18. Nobu says:

    The friend circles is what sold it to me. How is the Hangout compared to Skype? Also invite plzthnx (:

  19. Panda says:

    Hey I was wondering if I could get invite?

  20. casey says:

    the youtube video sent me here can i have google + invite

  21. Timothy says:

    I would like an invite. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  22. andres says:

    Let me try this…

    Tks miltownkid

  23. Jake Jensen says:

    I was listening about this on the radio today. They were calling it basically a party that you arrived to early for. They said you could sit there at the party and just wait for it to start going up while you sit at the guys house and eat chips. OR you could leave for a while and come back when the party gets started up. Either way your going to want to go to this party. Now if your at the party you call and “Invite” your friends to it to make it fun. I guess i wanna go to the party,

    • miltownkid says:

      Yeah, I can imagine being like that if a lot of your friends aren’t “Social Media Wizards.” A lot of the people I socialize with are way ahead of the curve with this stuff so I have a lot of people to play with inside already. Without that it would be a little… slow. It’s going to be GOOD as things pick up and they improve the service. Just think. Every person with an Android phone basically has a G+ account.

  24. Milk N Cookies says:

    I’ve came from YouTube, could I please get an invite to the G+ thingy? I’m not sure what it is but Google’s my everyday thing

  25. Shawnio says:

    hey love your youtube man! 🙂 if you wanna invite and let me in the fun circle! 🙂 I came from the tubes right after I seen your video! 🙂

  26. bcdguz says:

    YO MTK from youtube man can I get a G+ invite? ty

  27. Ali Pitcher says:

    send me an invite please man! – i came from youtube!

  28. lazy2k10 says:

    Saw your twitter feed, can I get a G+ invite? thanks

  29. Chris Bryhan says:

    OOOO OOOO OOOO… Can I get an Google+ invite? Also, push Eddie around for me.

  30. Joel says:

    The sweet sound of crying, hopefully mine will come to an end.
    An invite possible? 🙂

  31. jace89 says:

    Please Hook A dude up

  32. Wes Thorburn says:

    If it’s not too much effort MTK, it’d be greatly appreciated.

  33. TheManiacalSoul says:

    Google Plus looks interesting.

    I wonder if it will win.

    The Game.

  34. Dan Han says:

    can you send me a invite

  35. Laynixaynix says:

    Hey, I’ve been watching your youtube videos for a while. If you have a Google+ invite I’d really appreciate it!

  36. Alex says:

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  37. Eric says:

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  38. Kenji says:

    I think circles will rule!!!

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  42. John says:

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    hook me up with a invite

  43. Rami Fares says:

    Love your videos!

    Just like everyone else I would like an invite please!


  44. Reggie says:

    Dude! You are a Champ!

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  46. kenyon says:

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  47. Ixaias says:

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  48. Looking for a sweet hook-up with Google +

    Thanks, for “The )Game)” invite 🙂

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  52. George says:

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  53. Patrick says:

    I so hope it does not die like google wave 😉

  54. I need an invite as well,

    Im feeling your reasons also, very good way at looking at G+

  55. Mantas says:

    Shit I’ve got an invite from miltownkid and it says i am not old enough to use g+… I am 14 😦 Should i make me a new gmail account??

  56. Mantas says:

    Ok got another E-mail account could u please send me the invite again??

  57. Mantas says:

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  58. Sam says:

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  59. Jamie Juarez says:

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  60. Eduardo says:

    I’m loving the analysis, especially reason 5. Hopefully I can get an invite!

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  66. Dan says:

    Hey man what’s up? Thanks for giving a honest opinion on Google . Facebook has done so many things that just didn’t work. The privacy settings and organizing friends and family is a pain. Glad Google is stepping in to bring a good social network for everyone. Thanks for everything you do man.

    I would love to try out Google if you got some invites still. Save me from Facebook lol. Thanks man, take care.

  67. Matt says:

    Reason #5 sums it up for me.
    would appreciate an invite. Thanks.

  68. Michael Mannan says:

    It will be a good option as an alternative to FB because of the ease to create circles of friends and share selective media with that selectivity….and its google!

  69. Amber says:

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  70. Jordan says:

    Been a follower ever since the Xbox red ring videos. + me up please! 😀

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    Keep doing the vlogs,they are awesome.I miss the ones focusing on martial arts though =]

  77. I have been doing a fair bit of research on Google+, and its definetely the game changer. 🙂

    Invite please! 😀

    Keep up the good videos Casey, I’d love to see more gaming videos but I know your probably hella busy 😦

  78. Corri Coulter says:

    we’ve never met but i’m great friends with your bro. would love a Google+ invite if you still have them.


  79. Conrad says:

    Hey miltownkid, I really want an invite to Google plus. I’m a big fan of your Xbox 360 videos by the way.

  80. arturo says:

    Hey i was wondering can i have an invite? Your Polar Bear plunge was great I’am going to do it next year lol I came from youtube thanks =)

  81. Matt says:

    Hey Casey, just saw your Youtube video. And, yea, Google is gonna win.

  82. Silent Kill says:

    A little late, but is an invite possible? Lots of love MTK.

  83. Johnq says:

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