Wieners For Weiner!!!!

(You know you wanna see it! lol 😉 )

I can’t fucking believe what’s going on with this Anthony Weiner thing. He’s a good looking dude that likes to show off his wang and other assorted body parts and positions to random girls online. SO WHAT!? Really, I want someone to tell me what’s so wrong with what he did. The only thing that comes to mind for me is that every true player has a “Batphone” that you do all of your dirty work on, but that hardly seems reason enough to “force” him to resign.

And what’s up with everyone in congress trying to bully him into resigning? WHAT. THE. FUCK. Even the president? Fuck him. There should be (and I’m sure is) a legal process in place for handling situations like this that doesn’t involve PEER PRESSURE. What do his constituents think? Is this something that fires them up enough to organize themselves and go through what’s necessary to have him recalled? I doubt it. It seems like he’s a genuinely cool guy that did some genuinely “stupid” things.

Plus there’s all of this speculation of what his wife thinks. Maybe she was already aware of his internet shenanigans. Maybe that’s how he macked on her “Hey Huma, check out this hot bod and sweet ass wiener.”

I’m 100% certain that’s he’s learned his lesson from what’s already taken place. Perhaps he really does have some “problem” that needs therapy but… I doubt it.

I could also rant all day on the media and how it’s bullshit and… But that’s enough for now.

BIG UPS to Anthony Weiner for not getting bullied by a bunch of hypocrites who want to act like their shit doesn’t stink! They’ve vilified this guy just for posting some partially (and maybe some fully) naked photos of himself. That’s bullshit and not enough to warrant all of this attention. What’s going on now shows (to me) how socially un-evolved the American populous is.

To show my support for Anthony Weiner I’ve reenacted my favorite Anthony Weiner wiener shot. lol If you have a blog or twitter account, feel similar to how I feel about this situation and have always been looking for an excuse to post a half naked picture of yourself on the interwebz, I encourage you to do the same. 😀

I’m tweeting mine with the hashtag #wieners4weiner. 🙂

Photo from TMZ (Click photo to go to TMZ website)

More Wieners For Weiner

Here’s a female blogger

If you find more wieners for Weiner or post one of your own, let me know in the comments. I’ll add it to the list. 😀

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8 Responses to Wieners For Weiner!!!!

  1. Magdalicious says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH cackle… lol

  2. Scott says:

    It wasn’t so much the photos, but the lying and the cover up afterward. That kind of behavior is frowned upon when it comes to being a Congressman.

    • miltownkid says:

      Yeah, but what was he suppose to do? “Pay no mind to that wiener. It was suppose to be a DM.” lol It seems like he made a fair attempt at covering it up without bringing unnecessary attention. If the other pictures never got leaked he might have gotten away with it.

  3. Namahottie says:

    Yea he lied. His integrity is all jacked up. But hey Clinton got his toosie roll sucked in the Oval Office. And finished his term. I’m just sayin.

    • miltownkid says:

      It’s easy for people to say that he should have just come out and said it was him but I thought he made a fair attempt at keeping things as low key as he could. It took some serious balls to get in front of the camera and tell everyone that hackers did it. lol

      And right, what he’s done isn’t that big of a deal compared to a lot of what goes down in the DC.

  4. penney morse says:

    It was his coverup that was a bigger problem to me….and the family value Republicans who never call for resignations of their own party members after actually breaking the law their sexual misconduct, but feel self-rightious in calling for Wiener’s resignation.

    I agree it’s up to the constituents, but I think his behavior was disgusting–he is a person in a position of power and I consider what he did an abuse of power.

  5. JoeSomebody2 says:

    It’s eventual that the young will take over from the old, which is a little freaky considering this is the generation of having almost nothing to hide via constant news observation and fast information travel of the Internet. Makes me wonder where the world of Sexting will take us. Perhaps he’s the start of a long line of eventual politicians who Sext, or at least Sexted in the past? Saying that politicians don’t do that is ridiculous, and not just given the current situation.

    This is a future we will have to deal with and accept, because every politician will eventually have something like this in their lives. Granted, they have them already, just not of the technology. We probably won’t be at that point of acceptance any time soon, considering Anthony resigned yesterday. What a drama…

    I’ll consider taking pictures at a future date. Need to gather some courage first. 😉

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