What To Do With The City Of Milwaukee Twitter And Facebook Accounts?

Hello people of the internet. I obviously lack the drive to do something awesome with these accounts alone, but collectively something awesome could/should be done. It doesn’t even have to be EPIC awesome, just basic awesome like…

  • Reminding people to vote
  • Sharing critical news/information relevant to all city residents
  • Promoting cool shit (Summerfest, Jazz in the park, etc.)
  • Talking shit about Chicago
  • More cowbell

At the time of this posting the City of Milwaukee Twitter account has 5,356 followers and the Facebook page has 16,250 fans.

Not huge numbers, but huge enough to do coolness with.

Give me ideas!

I’d like to get a crew of people together to manage the accounts and “do awesome” with them. We could meet once a month, drink Riverwest Stein and… Actually just those two things sound pretty awesome. 😉 lol

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2 Responses to What To Do With The City Of Milwaukee Twitter And Facebook Accounts?

  1. Penney Morse says:

    Can’t you get the City of Milwaukee to pay you to do some of this? It seems like it would be in their interest.

  2. JoeSomebody2 says:

    Agreed on how awesome this could be. A bit of a work in upkeep, scouring the news for coming events and activities to build for a better tomorrow, but a good investment all the same. First things that comes to mind is there issue with making the locations have a focus on political + social issues of the city? If not, have it work as a extension as a voice of the city, to connect and make awareness on what’s bogus in MKE.

    Also, must there be Chicago bashing? 😛

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