The Citizen’s Cost Of Kids

In my first attempt to capture some of my random thoughts and share them in a form of a written post (I’ve gotten quite good at it with video 😉 ), I bring you a rant about kids and government.

Like I said in a previous post, I spend 2-4+ hours a day in my car listening to N.P.R. and thinking. This brings out all kind of thoughts about everything and something I heard got me thinking about kids and how much they cost… everyone.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a major problem in both the developed and undeveloped world is kids. They start out small and are mostly just the parents’ and immediate family’s problem, but then they grow up and they’re EVERYONE’S problem. They fill up prisons, they drive drunk, the steal, they murder, they litter, they don’t say please and thank you, you get the idea.

The next thing that hit me is that the section of the population that “needs the most help” (the poor and what have you) is most likely also the section of the population that’s putting the most fuel on the fire (more fucking kids… more fucking kids with lack of proper support).

It has baffled me for a long time that just anyone can have a kid, at any age they’re healthy enough to have one. On top of that a large portion of the population fights to make abortions illegal. Then you add to that the idea that health care (and a thousand other services) should be free and… you have a lot of problem.

Wherever the money for these governmental services come from (corporate tax, taxing the rich, taxing the people, dollars from heaven, etc.) I’m not down with handing out ANYTHING for free to irresponsible people who can’t afford to take care of themselves and then create more little people that they expect someone else to take care of. Seems like really bad math.

The Solution

Ranting to my roommate about it this morning I had this AWESOME idea. What if people had to sign a contract that said “Hey! If you want free shit from the government, sign here. As long as you don’t make more little people for us to take care of, we got your back, if you do, well… you obviously think you can handle your shit by yourself.”

But what do you do with those little people… Dang.

My other idea involves a national campaign of “being on some win shit.” What’s that? It would basically be getting everyone involved with their lives (setting goals and whatnot) and everyone helping everyone else. The main focus of a child’s education should be giving them the building blocks of “being on some win shit.” You can’t tell kids (or anyone for that matter) to do anything. We all know being a teen mother/father is a TERRIBLE idea, but people do it all the time (even the teens know that it’s a terrible idea). If, since the day a kid stepped into kindergarten, they were “on some win shit” by the time they were a teen more (not all) would avoid making more fucking kids and instead focus on whatever their goal of the moment was.

On a final note, even though I was snapping about kids this whole time it’s really about math/economics. Population increases exponentially. That means problems surrounding the population also increases exponentially (prisons, energy, lack of pleases and thank yous). We need to manufacture solutions that increase at an exponentially faster rate of WIN than the current rate of fail.

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8 Responses to The Citizen’s Cost Of Kids

  1. sandra says:

    Well I’m an old pragmatist. I say let’s deal with the kids who are here for right now.
    I heard a kid the other day ask a politician to give him some programs to teach him about Entrepreneurship and she responded: ” We can’t find anyone interested which is why we are putting most of our emphasis on job training programs” But she said to the kid we have these women initiative programs which help women to start micro businesses so perhaps you can do some research and get back to me. Poppycock!
    WTF? why aren’t our young people learning how to sell, how to create businesses for themselves, how to use social media to leverage themselves and build a brand? I could go on and on. Check out your own impoverished areas of town and you’ll see kids selling dope and all types of stuff but not the type of stuff that won’t land their asses in jail. What I’d like to see some young person do is get a group of young people and teach them how to make stuff and then use the internet to create businesses. That’s what the techies are doing; but our kids just play games and talk on the damn phone all day–to who? about what? selling drugs, getting another girl pregnant?
    How long is this lack of emphasis on doing for self going to last? why are we always begging for someone else to teach us how to create employment? why do we fall for the scams instead of trusting our own skill level. Business simple: a product or service. A need and market. And some confidence and hard work mixed in. End of story. Why are we making this stuff so difficult? whose going to take what they know and truly mentor the kids instead of just taking them out for ice cream?

    • miltownkid says:

      That’s what I’m saying! lol There’s a part of me that just wants to walk away from everything and live a simple life somewhere reading books and playing video games, but there’s another part that’s like… Why? Why aren’t schools doing a better job? Why are people so mentally poor (because as American’s we’re all pretty rich; access to libraries, public transportation, clean running water, etc.) On on a life mission to answer these and many more questions and won’t stop until I have a clear answer.

      Currently I think it’s mostly a matter of social evolution. Our collective social consciousness is still pretty low even though we’ve had some socially conscious individuals that are of the charts over the course of history (the Jesuses, Buddhas, etc.)

      It’s funny how focused people are on the “economics” of major problems, but the solutions (I believe) are ones that aren’t bound by the shackles of economics (ie. powerful ideas that motivate masses).

      WAAAAAAAHHH!!! Gas is over $4/gallon. Make it $12 a gallon and you’ll see how fast people discover ideas that motivate (Bill, you have a Prius right? How about me, you, Janice and Dave all car pool.)

  2. sandra says:

    I hear ya! Some of our greatest never went to school for crying out loud…there’s young people in parts of the world who want just a “couple” of books let alone a library and we’ve got FREE ones.

    We just built a new one here and some folks shot at the windows,

    a school just got some new computers and they were ripped offffff… appears to be an inside job.

    Don’t get me started …
    The local solution here: Midnight basketball. God forbid if the basket ball game extends all day…

    Collective social conscious is sucking big time…

  3. Penney Morse says:

    You had kind of a one-sided rant. Children become the adults and workers of the next generation. I think governments should provide some services, like clean water and sewers. I understand about the do-fer mentality. Providing a hand up is always better than a handout, but it’s not so easy trying to figure out how to do that.

    And China has done a smack down on population control–and now they’re worried about running out of workers. Population growth slows tremendously when women in a society are educated and have access to birth control.

    • miltownkid says:

      I was being a little one sided, but we agree on giving hand-ups instead of hand outs. You’re right. How do we do it? It’s tricky (I’m working on it!) 😉

    • sandra says:

      Yes Government should provide services and the services should be creative and productive. And we need high expectations for our children and their families as well. For me the expectation that a child can’t change and can only succeed as a gang banger because their parents can’t cut the mustard is pure nonsense.

      As Bill Cosby said many of the “poor” have not upheld their end of the bargain. We are back to square one.

      He didn’t say “all” ; but our expectations for so-called disadvantaged children and families should be no lower than that of a poor immigrant family who comes here with fifty cents and become a success in their own right.

      No more excuses. It’s a matter of priorities. I worked in government and with programs where the best strategies were ignored because of politics. I worked with teachers(not all) who felt the ghetto child, for lack of a better term, couldn’t exceed and would never exceed. Bull. I also worked with migrant familes whose children exceeded beyond their wildest expectations. Not all. But some.

      I think we are due for a change in our thinking in this country. We need to reinvest in government programs that work. It’s not about their size; it’s about the heart of the people who run them.

      The point: it is no longer acceptable to have such low expectations for anyone in this country with the wealth of free resources and the internet . Yes we need some govt programs because of the unabashed greed and trickery of private companies.

      I agree with you. But we must go beyond and get to the heart of why many of young people and their families are not being told the truth about their capabilities and resources available.

  4. Magdalicious says:

    But I don’t think population control is the issue it’s the random ‘breeding’ in bad situations where the parents aren’t able or willing to step up and take proper care of the next generation. (of course I also think we;re on the slippery slope of making idiocracy a reality but that’s a diff issue)

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