Portal 2, Not Worth $60

Thus I began my foray into the world of blogging about what’s on my mind. The title pretty much summarizes my whole review. Review of what? A video game that was released yesterday.

If you played and loved the original Portal, the game is EXCELLENT. My major beef with it is that it’s not worth the full $60 price tag. I expect a $60 game to last me for AT LEAST a week or two. I’m done with Portal 2 and don’t feel a need to play through it again after… 3 nights.

My recommendation: Borrow it from a friend, get it on Gamefly or wait until it can be had for around $20. That way it’ll feel like a perfect 10. At $60 I have to give it 7 for bamboozling me. 😛

The voice acting was excellent. The puzzles were ranged from overly simple to really clever. And the ending was pretty epic but too easy. Actually the whole game was too easy (although really fun) with no way to increase the difficulty before or after completion.

Save your money.

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3 Responses to Portal 2, Not Worth $60

  1. Chris says:

    There are very few games these days that have enough campaign to warrant the full price tag of $60/€60/£40. You’re paying to play it at launch. Have you tried the co-op?

    • miltownkid says:

      I haven’t tried the coop yet, but I read somewhere that the game shines there. I still would have expected more from the single player. Like extra challenges, etc. All they have is some commentary thing. 😛

  2. JoeSomebody2 says:

    I feel the $60 price tag deserves free DLC, user created levels, and other nuggets of awesome if it’s going to get me to buy it. I’m otherwise cool with watching video of people play it. I’m sure that would change should I actually jump through my first portal, but I’m going to try and hold this position. 😉

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