– Concept To Launch

I launched yesterday with a goal of, you guessed it, finding my dream job. After spending about 2 weeks looking for a job the traditional way (websites, submitting applications, interviews) I decided to come up with a better way (work smarter, not harder).

The first thing that came to mind was leveraging my network. I know a few people around town and maybe one of them is hiring or knows someone who is. The second thing that came to mind was leveraging the network of my network’s network.

A “Viral” Job Search

Even though I hated the term viral (viral videos, viral marketing, go viral, etc.) what I essentially wanted to do was create a viral job search. My original idea was to put up a reward of $1,000 to the person that landed me the job of my dreams. The problem with that idea is there wasn’t an incentive to spread the message unless you were telling a potential employer. The next thought was to make it $2,000, a thousand to the person telling an employer and a thousand to his/her friend. That was a decent idea except $1,000 was already a crazy number and I just doubled it! My girlfriend had to talk me out of that.

The problem I ran into was that I wanted to originally give away $1,000 to one person, then I decided that giving it to 2 (or 3 or 4) people was an even better idea. The longer the chain the more incentive there is to spread it. After talking with my girlfriend again she decided that a total amount of $500 was more than enough. Since I wanted the prize the go out at least 3 steps and I like round numbers, I kicked it up to $1,000 ($250 to up to 4 people).

Two Jobs Have Found Me In 24 Hours

You never know how these things will turn out. You have to remain ultra optimistic while you’re building, but once you launch reality is either going to take you to your favorite restaurant, slap you in the face or, even worse, ignore you. It’s too early to tell how this will turn out, but reality has called and invited me out! I’m not sure if it’s to wine and dine me or slap me yet though. 😉 I haven’t gotten hired or any offers yet but I’ve gotten pointed to two jobs I never found with traditional searching. Plus they’re jobs that were recommended after viewing my resume by people currently working at the organization. That means I’m more likely a fit than when applying to a “random” job from a career website.

My Dream Job And Video Outtakes

I’m looking for something in sales/marketing at a company with an awesome culture. A culture focused on performance, learning and growth (while having a good time 😉 ). If you think you can help me find that job go to and share my page.

I usually don’t do scripted videos so I struggled a bit trying to make the videos for and Here are some of the outtakes from making those videos:

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1 Response to – Concept To Launch

  1. miltownmom says:

    Wow, big eyes. Good luck. I’ll send some pics of my Paul Bunyun job.

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