Regular Writing And Back To School

I wanted to write a blog post about how I’m going to post more but… I hate those posts and… That’s not really what I wanted to discuss. I’ve long thought about “writing a book” but never made any REAL moves towards making that happen. Well, a couple things happened this weekend. The first led to the second.

The Story Of The First Thing

The have been two projects I’ve focused on the last couple months. The first one was getting my tai chi teaching website and class rolling. The website, the classes and the blog posts have gotten a nice jump start thus far. The second is setting up a consulting business for people who want to get more involved with the social web.

Saturday morning I decided to find myself a book on copywriting for any sales pages and emails I put together for the consulting business. While clicking through book after book on Amazon, I slowly left the realm of marketing/sales writing and entered the realm of… writing. Two books stood out and I bought one of them. The first book, titled “On Writing,” was an autobiography by Stephen King. Reading the reviews and synapsis of the book made one thing clear. Write, write, write and then write some more. And when you’re done with all that write about the experience you had. That wasn’t the first time I’ve heard that. It actually seems to be “the secret” to becoming a great writer (oddly enough I just wrote about this same “secret” in relation to tai chi).

I believe I ran into the Stephen King book because I was familiar with another similarly titled book (and the one I decided to purchase) “On Writing Well.” I went with this book because I’m more interested in writing nonfiction and that’s exactly what the book focuses on.

The Second Thing That Happened

Like I said, I’m pretty sure the first thing led to the second. While laying in bed this morning something simple, yet enlightening hit me. Since regular writing is practically mandatory for becoming a good writer and I have multiple blogs that I manage I could… *queue lightbulb over my head* Write a blog post everyday on at least one of my many sites! I have 3 blogs that I’m very fond of which will soon be 4. Three of the sites won’t need more than one post a week or so, but I can post as often as I like here. 🙂

So… In my endeavor to become a better blogger (and more importantly a better writer), it will be my goal to write AT LEAST one blog post or article a day SOMEWHERE. And while the subjects on the other three blogs will be somewhat specific, I’ll be able to experiment as much as I like here. Also, somewhere in the mix of the article writing and blog posting, I’ll work on chapters of my book (which I plan on being part autobiography, part personal development guide.)

What’s This About School?

So… I’ve been bouncing around the idea of going back to school for a couple weeks now. Partly because I eventually want to get a PhD in economics (now’s the best time to start!) and partly because it will defer the loan payments I have to make for from dropping out back in 2008. 🙂

I also think my feelings about school are getting a little more relaxed from my FUCK SCHOOL!!! post back in 2008. Plus, I don’t want to go to school for any particular career path. Want I want is to deeply and intimately study economics. Here’s the plan for school…

Hopefully one of my entrepreneurial experiments will be paying off once I walk the stage and I’ll be able to pay for my masters and PhD out of pocket. 😀

Anyhow, expect more (and better) videos like the one I did when I first learned about the supply and demand curve.

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4 Responses to Regular Writing And Back To School

  1. Tim says:

    Those are both great writing books. I’d also add “the elements of style” to the list. All those titles were very influential to me as a journalist, magazine writer then blogger. Looking forward to seeing you crank out the blogs. That really is the key. Funny enough, my brother just wrote about forcing himself to write at least once a week for the past 5 years at

    Good luck, Casey!

  2. Penney Morse says:

    I think I have Elements of Style on my bookshelf. I’ll look. You can pick it up when you come.

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