Stranj Books

Me: Yo!
Blog: What up!
Me: Long time no see!
Blog: For realz! You gonna write something?
Me: What do think I’m doing right now?
Blog: … Good point.

I’ve had a lot happen and I have a lot of things I should probably blog about (like getting my tai chi classes rolling, or getting ready to launch a business…) but those things can wait for another day. Today we’re going to talk about the band Stranj Child (and their T-Shirts!) and a book club you might want to join.

Stranj Child

My home dog KuMays is trying to get rid of a few of the shirts he has left. BUY ONE! 😀

[Click Here And Buy A SWEET Ass Stranj Child T-Shirt]

What’s that? You need a reason to buy a t-shirt? Well I have 3.

1. Stranj Child is the CRAIK!
2. KuMays visited me in the (mental vacation resort) hospital when I was taking a break from life.
3. KuMays is still saving for his fat gold chain.

Like him on the Facebooks! He’ll like that. 🙂

Now on to the books…

J-Mo’s Book Club

J-Mo is a cool ass dude who makes his money on the interwebz, surfs, hangs with his dog and reads a lot of books that are good for your mind juices. He’s starting up a book club for free where we’ll… discuss sweet ass mind juicy books! You can watch the video about it below, then [SIGN UP TO THE GROUP ON THIS BLOG POST].

He says it in the video and the post, but I’ll say it again here: Don’t sign up if you’re not going to be serious about reading the books and discussing them. You’ll waste your time, his time, my time and you’ll make teh kittens cry.

Even though he’s into (internet) marketing, he said a lot of the books are going to be about personal development (aka pwning life).

Harass The Stranj Child Facebook Page

Did you like the Stranj Child Facebook Page yet? No? Well go do that? Then leave some awesome/harassing/confusing/disturbing comments. They will love or hate you for them. 😀 lol

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  1. miltownmom says:

    Glad to see you finally got your laptop back.

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