How To Find Out Who Is On The Ballot For Nov. 2nd In Wisconsin

Allow me to get on my soapbox for a second. I think our political system is corruptified and I’m all about a smaller government where states have more control. That said, I’d like to play a roll (however smaller) in moving things in a more awesomer direction.

Aa quick tweet got me the information I was looking for. (Thanks RachelK and cee__dub). Now I’m going to share that information with you (I ranted a bit and moved that to the bottom of the post) 🙂 .

Viewing Your Sample Ballot

  1. Go to the State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access website
  2. Select the second option
  3. Enter the requested information (House #, Street, City, Zip)
  4. You might be shown a page asking you to verify the address from a range of addresses
  5. The following page shows you your voting location, right under the location is a link to view a sample ballot. Click it.

My Sample Ballot

I’ve copied and pasted what comes up for me when I go through the steps listed above:

This is your sample ballot for the following election:
11/2/2010 – 2010 GENERAL ELECTION
Sample Ballot 
  Governor/Lieutenant Governor
    No Candidate/TERRY VIRGIL (Libertarian)
    JAMES JAMES/No Candidate (Common Sense)
    JIM LANGER/No Candidate (Independent)
  Attorney General
    SCOTT HASSETT (Democratic)
    J.B. VAN HOLLEN (Republican)
  Secretary of State
    DOUG LA FOLLETTE (Democratic)
    DAVID D. KING (Republican)
  State Treasurer
    DAWN MARIE SASS (Democratic)
    KURT W. SCHULLER (Republican)
  United States Senator – 2011-2017
    RUSS FEINGOLD (Democratic)
    RON JOHNSON (Republican)
    ROB TAYLOR (Constitution Party of Wisconsin)
  Congressional – District 4
    GWEN MOORE (Democratic) (Incumbent)
    DAN SEBRING (Republican)
    EDDIE AHMAD AYYASH (Coalition On Government Reform)
  State Senate – District 3
    TIM CARPENTER (Democratic)
  Assembly – District 9
    JOSH ZEPNICK (Democratic)
    DAVID A. CLARKE JR (Democratic) (Incumbent)
    STEVEN J. DUCKHORN (Republican)
    JOHN BARRETT (Democratic) (Incumbent)

My Rant

Today I decided that I might vote (lol). The last time I voted was in 2008 and… I was kind of pissed off about all the other people I was suppose to vote for and never even heard of! You can hardly escape hearing about the major battles, but the smaller ones should be just as important (more so if government was structured the way it should be).

So, thinking to myself that I might actually go vote, I decided to do some interneting to find out who was running and for what. To my surprise, it was actually HARD for me to google that information! (WTF!?) It’s no wonder people don’t vote. Here it is 2010, with iPhones and Androids and… I can’t easily find that little piece of information? I could probably find out what Lady Gagagagaga had for dinner yesterday and I can’t find out who I’m voting for? Fuck you America! You (damn it… we) deserve what we get!

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5 Responses to How To Find Out Who Is On The Ballot For Nov. 2nd In Wisconsin

  1. Miltownmom says:

    Good Job. Now do you homework, find out what the positions are on issues that matter to you and vote.

  2. Magdalicious says:

    tsk.. you have to vote if for no other reason than to have a leg to stand on when you complain about the system…

  3. You think researching candidates for midterm elections is hard? Try researching candidates for the primaries for the midterm elections!

    These people didn’t even have websites! At least the MN state website had all the candidates listed with a link to their websites (if they had them). Call me lazy, but if you can’t slap together a wordpress/blogline/typepad/tumblr/posterous/whatever with at least a paragraph about who you are how the hell am I supposed to take you seriously!

  4. Brian says:

    Yeah this weekend Will and I are gonna sit down and go over all the information that we can find about the candidates running in Alabama…

    Hopefully there will be some good choices :/. I wish more people would realize the best of both worlds in a libertarian Gov.

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