Launches Today

Last week I made a list of things I wanted to get done:

  • Have the Pwning Life blog ready to launch
  • Have the Black Horse Taichi site ready to launch
  • Run everyday

My report from last week is as follows: is ready to launch and I ran everyday. Two out of three isn’t bad! 😀 Plus I’ve decided to make running a daily habit. I’m currently at the 3-5 miles a day mark.

I’m looking for feedback about the site. Any feedback! The plan is to post 1-3 articles per week about “pwning life.” Everything is going to revolve around personal development. Essentially goal setting, tracking progress and completion. I believe that once a person understands the method of “pwning” something, they can apply it to any aspect of their life. I also plan on answering questions people have and hopefully between what I say and the additional advice in the comments we can answer any question. Anyhow, this is just the beginning. I’m sure the site will evolve as people leave comments and feedback. [CHECK IT OUT!]

I’m also going to go ahead and make my want/be/do lists below.

Chinese Lessons Once A Week?

So I’m feeling comfortable with doing one vlog and blog post a week. Also, writing for the Pwning Life blog isn’t going to be a problem (I’m writing at least 1 blog post a day right now and plan on increasing that). That being said I was thinking about adding something else to the miltownkid YouTube channel. The thing that popped in my head first was doing a Chinese lesson once a week. Nothing fancy. I could explain an aspect of learning, answer questions about the language or culture, teach a word, a phrase or a grammar pattern once a week. It seems like a lot of you guys would like that.

What do you think? If not the Chinese lesson once a week, what would you like? Remember, I’m going to setup a martial arts blog, so that’s covered now. Let me know! Vote below:

The Want to Have/Do/Be Lists

30 Things I Want To Have
A million dollars
A two bedroom apartment on Milwaukee’s eastside (with a lake view)
A blue RX-8
A Segway
All the new game consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP)
A pair of Vibram Five Fingers
A couple of fly Adidas suits
A Lotus Exige
A Nice Flatscreen TV
A Chinese Tea Set
A Pimp Ass Go Board
An Android Phone (perhaps the GalaxyS)
A Martial Arts Studio
An Island
A nice suit and dress shoes
A high ranking blog about personal development (
Netjets service (fractionally owned private plane 🙂 )
Buddha mind 😀
A internet/gaming cafe
A PhD in economics
A jet ski
A gaming computer

30 Things I Want To Do
A back flip
Compete in martial arts competitions
Get my blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, black belt in BJJ
Learn Chinese (Mandarin)
Learn Japanese
Learn Taiwanese
Learn Spanish
Learn how to juggle
Learn tracking (hunting)
Persistence hunt a deer (or some similar animal)
Run an ultra marathon
Take first place in a BJJ tournament
Make a rap album
Learn to surf
Study Go in Japan
Study Yoga in India
Get first place in every major push hands competition in the world
Visit every country in the world
Travel the world doing seminars
Teach Taichi
Practice Taichi everyday
Meditate everyday
Run everyday (for 7 days straight now! 😀 )

30 Things I Want To Be
A Taichi teacher
A Chinese teacher
A “life coach”
A ninja
A blogger
A vlogger
A B-Boy
A rapper
A master chef (in my own mind anyway 🙂 )
One with the Dao
An economist
A daddy
A husband
A martial artist
A NYT best selling author
A billionaire
An actor

Things To Get Done For Next Week

This past week I got the site up and running. This coming week:

  • I’m going to get Black Horse Taichi site up and running by next week.
  • I’m going to continue running everyday.
  • I’m going to write and do Taichi everyday.
  • I’m going to release the Chinese lesson on Wednesday and do a blog post to go along with it.
  • I’m going to finish my Elance profile and submit a proposal to at least 2 projects.
  • I’m going to come up with 7 different ways that I can make money.
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9 Responses to Launches Today

  1. Brian says:

    Chinese lessons sound great! I just saw Ip man so I’ve been really excited about learning chinese/martial arts :D.

  2. sandy says:

    Your goals seem reasonable. More than reasonable. Have you checked out the 4 hour work week book? it has some suggestions on how to automate many things so you can accomplish your travel/and related goals.

    As far as language, if you learned chinese the other languages should be a cinch.

    I cant’ remember the book but I read that the best way to learn a language is through immersion, but here’s the kicker: First you learn just enough of the language to say: “sorry I don’t speak —” can you help me to understand. “sorry I don’t speak well but can you show me ——(you feel in the blanks) So essentially you learn just enough phrases so that when you go to these countries people will help you to learn how to say the other things. And you can even learn how to say in the native language that you would be glad to teach them “english” in exchange for—.
    Anyway, looking forward to your posts.

    • miltownkid says:

      Have I checked out the 4HWW? 🙂 I’m responding to your comment on a laptop I won from his blog. 😉

      And I actually have a pretty good method for learning languages now (I’m actually probably already fluent in Spanish as well. It’s just aged. 😛 ) But you’re right. Learning how to say “How do you say [blank],” is like the best thing you can learn.

  3. sandy says:

    check out this free ebook:

    I like potpie girl and think she is making approx 100,000 online doing squidoo.

    If you’re looking for offline work stuff, you just can’t beat going to some local merchants and asking them if they want you to set up their twitter or facebook or linked in for a flat fee. And if they want you to maintain it, you can show them how and or work out a payment arrangement. I took a course on how to do this and the going rate is 25.00/hour(lowest fee) to 75.00/hour. And if they want a website built you can farm that out at and then charge them a fee and have someone else do it. This social media manager is a burgeoning business. You can take a laptop in when you meet with them and show them your videos and sites so they know you have an online presence yourself; that will help with the trust factor. Just be yourself; you have a winning personality. Good luck.

    • miltownkid says:

      I’ve checked out PotPieGirl’s stuff and I like it. I have a few plans for what I’m going to be doing online. I’ll share them as time goes on.

      As far as the idea for the offline business goes, I’m thinking of doing pretty much that. I was actually thinking of doing it 2 years ago BUT I was a little “ahead of the game” at the time. No one really knew what Twitter was. You’re right. Now EVERYONE is looking for help in the Social Media space.

  4. Whatever happened to the 99 uses for a T-Shirt?! Bring that bad boy back!

    I couldn’t help but feel touched when I read that you wanted to be a daddy/husband. The honesty is much appreciated man. It’s a basic desire that most people share and I can dig it!


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