Live Your Life Off The Wall

Ah yes… Another week, another blog post. We’ll start with this week’s video. There isn’t a whole lot going on in it ALTHOUGH I do dance to MJ’s “Off The Wall” pantless… That’s something I suppose.

Martial Arts Or Chinese Language (Mandarin)

So I’ve decided that I want to create… a course? a book? A something, but I want to base it around either Chinese Language or Martial Arts. These are two things I’ve spent MANY hours studying and “perfecting” although I’m FAR from perfect in either. 🙂 The goal will be creating a system that can take someone from 0 to mastering “the basics” in an automated online fashion. Just vote on what you’d rather see. I’ll throw economics in there as well… Just because (I LOVE economics. 😀 )

Making Money On The Internets

So yeah… I pretty much don’t like the idea of work. I LOVE working! But work… Anyhow, one has to make a living somehow, so I’m tackling this internet beast. This past week I was messing with Google Adwords to buy clicks to sell a guide that teaches guys how to flirt (aka get laid 😉 ). I just sort of randomly picked something to promote BUT I learned some stuff. It’s REALLY easy to waste a bunch of money buying clicks if your sales page isn’t converting (I spent $25 of the free $100 I got). I also have WAY more respect for views/hits I get on my videos and blog now that I know how much people spend to get (targeted) views to a page.

The next project I’m going to work on is getting free traffic from article submissions and things like that. I’m also going to look for some good niches with less competition than… the “dudes trying to get laid” niche. 🙂 I read about (what sounds like) a good method of knocking out a new niche every week. “Shotgunning” if you will. So after a few weeks/months you’ll have all these different niches out there, if one of them is doing particularly well THEN you can put more money into it (paid traffic, setting up an actual website, etc.)

What REALLY interests me is reoccurring payments type situations (like a “membership” site or time released content). I’ll keep banging my head against this stuff until I really figure it out. The funny thing is the one way I’m already making money online is the way that interests me the least (creating content that gets enough traffic to monetize with Google Adsense or some other ad network).

Interesting Shit For The Week

I’m not sure if this will be a weekly thing, but I ran into something thought I’d share. A TEDTalk video featuring Clay Shirky (he’s THE MAN). He basically talks about how current technology has allowed us humans to create and collaborate like never before and how that’s leading to… PIMP SHIT.

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4 Responses to Live Your Life Off The Wall

  1. Brian says:

    You put three choices…and they all sound awesome!

    I’m gonna go with my gut and vote for the martial arts..though nothing says you can’t mix in some Chinese and economics :D.

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  3. Penney Morse says:

    I finally noticed you were writing again. You could be of service to me by screening interesting things, like the TED talk, and posting the really good ones, like this one. I don’t have all day to sit at the computer and watch this stuff. I immensely enjoyed the TED talk.

    • miltownkid says:

      Cool! I’m probably going to do more than one blog post a week (but only one video). I was thinking of doing a “week in review” where I post the cool TEDTalks I’ve watched, articles I’ve read and any other cool/interesting things I’ve run into.

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