Vlog: Spreenkler in miltownvision

This is the beginning of me merging all of my different content into one coherent stream on this here blog. I’ve pretty much been hanging out almost “exclusively” in the YouTube community. The reason for this is it’s so much less work for a greater reward. I throw together a video quick and I get to connect with some of the 11,000+ people who have subscribed to that channel. I get feedback instantly (and lots of it). On this blog my [mom] or [Magdalicious] might leave me a comment… But that’s because I’ve never really put any real WORK into this place! Time to go to work!

Links for the video:

What’s Spreenkler?

I’ve been going to [Spreenkler] meetings for almost 2 years now. I went for like 15 months straight without missing a meeting when I started!

According to the website Spreenkler is:

a community of Milwaukee’s creative, marketing and technical professionals and entrepreneurs. We gather each month to share experiences, best-practices and new ideas to utilize the collective knowledge of the group to move those ideas forward.

They’re also a:

a creative services agency that hires talented college students to give them real client and project experience, expose them to dynamic organizations and help them launch their careers.

I’ve basically been hooked on Spreenkler ever since I sent Steve Glynn (the organizer) a LONG email rant about all the crazy things I was going to do (from my one bedroom apartment… lol) and he responded with “Awesome! Want to be a presenter next month!” The basic format of a Spreenkler meeting is: mingle (eat pizza and drink beer), updates from group members, presentation from presenter, mingle (drink beer, pizza is gone now).

The Presenter

Last night’s event was pretty cool. I didn’t take very good notes, but here’s what stuck out. I’ll start with [Jaimee Newberry (LinkedIn Profile)] from [Zappos.com]. I have to start out with saying I’m a TOTAL Zappos.com fanboy! Actually, I guess I’m more of a Tony Hsieh fanboy than a Zappos.com fanboy… It was cool listing to Jaimee describe the “Zappos Experience” from an insider’s perspective. If you’re unfamiliar with the Zappos.com culture they have this hardcore interview/training process that ends with them saying “We think you’re a match, but we’ll give you $2,000 to walk away now if you’re not 100%.” They’re SERIOUS about their culture!

Anyhow some of the things mentioned were really interesting to hear. Like the fact that a company doing over a billion dollars in sales online JUST implemented Google Analytics! WAH! lol Although it was pointed out how their OUTSTANDING customer service is at the front lines in understanding what the customers like and don’t like about the website (although Google Analytics never hurt anybody šŸ˜‰ ).

There were other stories shared and good questions asked. I liked it. šŸ™‚

Social Media As A Social Business

My video already finished uploading and I feel like wrapping this post up. I think one of the reasons I don’t blog much is I have TOO much to say… I’m not sure if that makes any sense… lol Anyhow…

I have two other things I jotted down. The school that hosted the event, [St. Marcus], is looking for social media experts/gurus/dudes (<- I like that title best!) to coach some kids in vlogging, blogging, websiteing, Tweeting etc. I forgot to sign their list thing, but I think I'm going to get down there and get involved. It's awesome that they're embracing this "social media stuff."

The other thing is [Erica Conway] (my most FAVORITEST hype(wo)man) brought up an organization called [OnRampMKE.org]. Their group wants to help… “people of color” (like myself :D) get exposed to all this creative marketing stuff as to make a more diverse creative industry.

Anyhow (I’m running out of steam to write… I’ll have to get my “workflow” sorted for making a video AND posting to the blog)…

Anyhow… lol I’m SUPER stoked about the potential “social media” has to positively effect the City of Milwaukee (and the world really). I’ll just mention it here quickly, but I’m going to design my consultancy as a “social business” whose primary focus will be helping organizations and nonprofits leverage the web to have a greater positive effect. As much as I love all of this social media stuff, I fucking HATE the corporate machine which is soullessly driven by profit maximization… So my solution to that is going to be positioning myself as THEE expert when it comes to social media strategy using this strategy on organizations who have a net positive effect on a social ill. And charging the corporate machine which I hate a lot of money if/when they want to talk to me. I can then use said monies to positively effect more “charitable orgs.” šŸ˜€

I’ll have to extend on that rant in another post. I have to wrap this up!


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6 Responses to Vlog: Spreenkler in miltownvision

  1. Magdalicious says:

    Erica is FANTASTIC šŸ™‚ I wish I had more chances to interact with her when I was there!

  2. Wait, I’m here – can I complete the circle?

  3. miltownmom says:

    I finally got around to getting caught up on your blog. You neglect it for so long, I give up on it and stop checking it. I have another idea about all that money you’ll make from corporations. …… I don’t think I have to say it, you already know what it is, right!?

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