EPIC Fund Raising Week – Day #1

If you haven’t yet, go to [SocialMilwaukee.com] and donate $1 to help support Milwaukee area schools, teachers and students. Tell some friends to do the same (although I’m finding that it’s easier to get friends to give you $1 and you donate it for them). 🙂

Starting A Social Media FIRE

The goal this week is to start a fire that will burn HOT and FAST. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do this, but the goal is to recruit more people that will HUSTLE for the project either through the SocialMilwaukee’s donation page, or by agreeing to use their own (which I will help them create).

For example, my girlfriend has already raised more money than I have! We’re currently at $456 and I think at least $150 of that is through her own efforts (harassing coworkers, friends and family).

Anyhow, I’m hoping that by weeks end there will be enough people involved to see this project FULLY completed (aka every project in the Milwaukee area fully funded).

I’ll keep this post short and try to do a wrap up post with video tonight of my efforts, successes and failures. 🙂

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