Secret Plan To Raise $20,000+ In One Month Using Social Media!

OK. I had the post secret while I was still figuring things out. I’m still open to feedback, but I’m going to turn into the hub for donations and it’s going to encourage people to donate $1 (or more) and share the fact that they donated the $1 with friends and encourage them to donate $1 as well. 😀 We should be able to knock out every Milwaukee project on DonorsChoose in one month easily! 😀

I just tested donating $1 and it worked perfectly. 😀

Original Post below:

Hello! Thanks for being interested in helping with this project! 😀

Let me give you a little background into this project AND DonorsChoose.

Doing Epic Fund Raising

Two years ago Tim Ferris attempted to raise $1,000,000 in a month, by trying to inspire 100 people to raise $10,000. I dove into that project head first having never done any fund raising before in my life. I ended up raising about $400 that month and $1100 in total (you can see the results here).

The follow year (2008) Tim Ferriss ran another contest which involved gaining followers on Twitter. He was going to donate $3 for every new follower. He had a contest for people who did the best work in helping him gain new followers. I got an A-for-effort with a sub-contest I put together giving away my Xbox 360 (which in turn won me this MacBook Pro I’m typing on 😉 ). (You can read about that one here.)

Now it’s 2009. Time for some more epic fund raising! 😀

You can check out their website, but I’m going to explain DonorsChoose in my own words. On one side of the coin, DonorosChoose gives teachers a platform to post proposals for projects they would like to do, but lack the funds. On the other side of the coin, DonorsChoose allows people to donate money to projects they feel will positively impact children the most.

The cost of these projects range from under $200 to over $1,000. When you donate to a project you’ll get a personal thank you message from the teacher when it’s fully funded AND get to see photos of the project. How awesome it that?!

Epic Fund Raising 2009!

My plan for 2009 combines the experiences I’ve had with the last two years of fund raising.

The goal: Fully fund EVERY DonorsChoose project in Milwaukee during the month of August.

Last night I created a Google Document with the title, amount needed and page link of all 68 projects in the Milwaukee area. You can see it below:
[All 68 Projects In The Milwaukee Area]

I’ve also created a donation page with all 68 projects listed on it. Donations made through this page would all be counted under a grand total.
[Donation Page will all Milwaukee Donors Choose Projects]

The Plan
I have two basic ideas for how we can move forward with this project. My original idea was to get people to choose one or more projects from the list that they would see through to completion. Then on the website I would list all of the people/companies participating and the project(s) they took ownership of.

A person/company/blog could even make their own donation page (like the Social Milwaukee One) with the projects they chose so then they drive people on Twitter (etc.) to their donation page for donations.

The other idea would be that everyone teams up under the Social Milwaukee umbrella and works together to knock out all 68 projects together in one month.

Whichever path is taken I want to see all 68 schools fully funded! 😀

Discuss which one is best for you below!

Social Milwaukee

I posted a few months ago about making Milwaukee the “Most Socially Connect City In The World.” I’m dead serious about this goal. Reading about the success of the recent [Social Media University] event makes me think that there are at least a handful of others that feel the same way. This goal goes WELL beyond the “ROI of Social Media” for me though. This is about changing the world. If we (Milwaukeeans) can somehow come together and make Milwaukee an example of what can be done with Social Media (in business, government, social welfare, etc.) the virus can spread to other cities.

You guys wouldn’t believe how much I HATE “civilization”. It’s making me fucking cry right now. All I want to do is run away… Sorry. That caught me off guard… lol (Ah yes. A classic bipolar move. Tears followed by laughter…) I’ll save my hatred towards “civilization” for another post. 🙂 All I was trying to say is that my goal with Social Milwaukee isn’t one motivated by $s. I want to make a website that gives people in Milwaukee the basic tools to enhance their businesses (and life) using Social Media. I want to use this campaign as an example of what’s possible.

Wrap Up

So I have the foundation of a plan plus the web domain and Twitter account for Social Milwaukee (to act as a hub for all of this). First, lets decided if we should do this unified or in pieces. I know unified sounds more grand, but my original idea was for pieces (because it might be easier for people to focus). Either way, whoever commits to helping will get recognition. 😀 (Not that it’s about that 😉 ). Discuss in the comments below and vote in this poll. Lets take a day to decide that.

That would leave Saturday and Sunday to get the website setup and split up the projects (if that’s necessary).

Invite anyone that you think may be interested in helping.

Oh! One More thing!

My Ford Fiesta Movement mission for the month of August is focused on helping raise money for donors choose, so I’ll be able to add that to the mix as well! I already have some ideas of what I’m going to do with that, but if you have any others, feel free to share. 🙂

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9 Responses to Secret Plan To Raise $20,000+ In One Month Using Social Media!

  1. Dennis says:

    Casey, you are a nut man. Hey when are you gonna get on skype? You and Javan are nevr on Skype I a always on Skype. So look me up on Skype and we can talk. I am hoping to raise funds so I can write my screenplay.

  2. Mike Mazurick says:

    I think its a great idea and I support what you want to do. Anything for a good cause I support it, and this sounds like a good cause.

  3. miltownmom says:

    Sounds intriguing. I’ll see what I can do to spread the word.

  4. Mario says:

    The idea sounds great casey i must say, unified is a big challenge but as someone said (dont ask me who, i forgot) you need to think big in life but also i like the idea of small chunks and having groups for each chunk, could be easier to manage and work for each group but that’s just imo.

    I think it will require a good effor and commitment not just from you but those taking the compromise to join the project, START THE HUSTLING!!! 🙂

  5. Brian says:

    Its too bad so many great things cost so much money. I’d say unified would be a better approach. I want to help out, but I’m not sure how much I’d be able to contribute seeing as I have basically zero income right now. If there was a more, centralized hub that over-saw the money-shifting process. That’d help people like me more easily donate as opposed to getting directly involved with the organizations.

    Looking forward to that hatred of civilization post ;).

  6. Joe Botana says:

    Either way, Casey. It is a very worthwhile goal & I will do everything I can to help. I know we’ve gotten several of the projects that were on the Social Milwaukee page when you started it funded already. Hey – you may hate civilization, but UR doing a great job of helping make it better! 🙂

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