The Dream In Action (Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card!)

Ryan Graves recently changed the name and focus of his blog to The Dream In Action (dot com 😉 ). I also noticed that he’s giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to “The person who submits the best story about putting life dreams into action in everyday life.” I’m actually posting this to encourage you to tell your story in the form of a comment on this blog post and try to win that $25! 😀

Now here are some of my “dreams in action.”

Become A Taich Master

This started started after seeing Karate Kid for the first time. Originally I wanted to be a Karate Master like Mr. Miyagi. When I was in grade school my mom enrolled me into some Karate classes at the downtown YMCA and I LOVED them. In high school, after being exposed to various “kung fu flicks”, I signed up kung fu classes at the… Chinese Kung Fu Center. A few years after that I was introduced to Taichi and made the decision to be a Taichi Master. That decision was about 10 years ago…

Since making that decision I’ve found a Taichi Master of my own to study under and even competed in a Taichi Push Hands tournament in Taiwan. What I’m doing presently to put the dream in action is holding a Taichi class once a week on Sundays. It’s been a somewhat long and bumpy road getting the class off it’s feet, but now I have some regular students, one who has even took the initiative to start a YouTube channel and upload videos on my behalf! He even calls me Master Payne! 😉

Promote Technical Literacy

It’s odd writing down these dreams… Here I thought I was going to say something about “Build a consultancy to make me MILLIONS!” but… I guess it has nothing to do with that. Yesterday I posted about making Milwaukee the most social connected city in the world. That goal has nothing to do with being a “social media guru”, building a consultancy or even making money (although that will be a part of it 😉 ).

It’s almost as if I’ve forgotten about this dream… It’s hard to not get sucked into the “glitz and glamor” of building a consultancy that charges big corporations a bunch of money to tell them how to not suck. What I really want to do is promote and spread technical literacy among schools, not-for-profits, community centers, volunteer organizations, churches, etc. The dream in action is creating an organization whose primary goal will be education and consulting in the social media space (Social Milwaukee). I also want to hold regular events where people learn how to use these various tools (while drinking beer and playing board games). 😀 The first event will be this coming Monday.

Never Stop Pwning Life And Help Others Do The Same

About a year and a half ago I had this idea for a movement called “Pwning Life.” I made a video about it the next day to mark the event. People from the gamer generation understand “pwning life” immediately. To pwn a game or pwn n00bs in a game, you have to practice a lot, compete a lot, research, etc. To pwning life (the ULTIMATE game) you have to continually practice, compete and research. The process is non-stop because to rules of the game continually change. What you need to pwn life in high school is different than what you’ll need in college. What you needed in college will be different than what you need when you start your career (or business). It’s about PWNING LIFE! (Non-stop)

The dream in action is the YouTube account that I try my best to update semi-regularly and the community I’m slowly building. Now Ryan has inspired me to take things to the next level and try my hand at a “real” blog (this blog isn’t a real blog 😉 ).

What’s Your Story About Putting Life Dreams Into Action?

I encourage you to share what you’re doing to put your dream in action as a comment on Ryan’s blog post. You’ll have a chance to win $25 gift card which could use to further put your dream into action by purchasing a book. If you don’t feel like your doing anything to put your dream in action, START NOW by sharing your dream in the comments! 🙂

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