My Dream And My Dreams

A couple days ago I asked Twitter what I should blog about. One response I got was from @mluedke:

@miltownkid possible topics: life, dreams, happiness & pursuit thereof. (link to tweet)

I made up my mind yesterday that my next blog post would be about my dreams (aspirations in life 😉 ). I have a feeling that going to sleep with that though in mind also induced me to have a dream, a really trippy lucid dream… I don’t regularly remember my dreams anymore (mostly because I don’t try), so it was odd having such VIVID memory of it this morning.

Last Night’s Dream

This was a very long and drawn out dream that I had, but I’m going to do a quick summary of the events and theme. Everything started with me working at the night club (like I was last night) and slowly faded into a world of humans and immortals/gods mixing it up together. This is one of my favorite things to fantasize, although haven’t in a long time. Essentially there are gods/immortals that hang out on earth having epic battles in plain view, but in a way that keeps everything hidden from humans. This dream was also a bastardized version of [The Monkey King] (my favorite story).

Note: My header image has a picture of me and Goku (from Dragon Ball) which is another version of the Monkey King.

A lot of the early events of the dream are foggy. I had to take me and my girlfriend through a force field that led to some kind of intergalactic cruiser which was only available to VIPs of the club I work at… When the cruiser took off there were a couple people that weren’t cool enough left outside who burned up in the gamma blast at take off (that was weird).

The dream then turned into a series of battles and journeys with me collecting different items and powers continually increasing my “immortal awesomeness” until finally I landed my hands on some kind of “ring of immortality.” (I should also note that we ended up on some planet that was JUST like Earth… only different.) This ring had an odd shape. It had to go on my pointer finger and there was this thing that stuck out of it that needed my thumb to lock it into place (I remember it being kind of loose and I kept worrying about it falling off). After getting this ring I remember having some kind of realization that I was suppose to keep it until the end of time. Straight through the rebirth of the universe at which point I would do crazy shit in early times which people would record as the Monkey King story. Then I’d loose the ring and forget who I was (or something, it was also pretty odd).

The dream ended with me driving around in some kind of Ferrari, which was attacked by some bad guy and his horde of baddies. The car then somehow turned into a jet fighter and I took the battle to the air. I lost the ring in the mix up (which at some point turned into a funky key ring with 6 keys and 6 riddles on it) and ended up getting my ass kicked for a while.

Things get foggy again, but it all ended with someone throwing the riddled key ring into a sewer grate for me, which I threw my tattered self into. When I landed I saw the key chain and a group of buddies there ready to go on an adventure to find the ring of immortality!

Then I woke up like… YEAH! Wait.. oh. 🙂

Dreaming And Lucid Dreams

As a side note, I should point that I spent a lot of time practicing how to lucid dream about… 9 years back. There were sections of the above dream that were VERY lucid. I remember scribbling down some of the numbers from the riddles, the feel of the ring and examining lots of things really closely. I was very aware that I was dreaming at these times but… Just decided to roll with it.

If you’ve never messed with or read about lucid dreaming, you should! Things get quite interesting when you get good at it. The reason I decided to stop messing with it is it felt weird looking forward to sleeping. I felt like I was running away the waking world (and I kind of was at the time).

My Dreams

I think my dreams (personal aspirations for the future 🙂 )are going to have to wait until the next post. 🙂 That will give me more time to think about them. That’s going to be a fun post to write.

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