Milwaukee – The Most Socially Connected City In The World

Update: Introduce 3 friends to Twitter and have them follow the City of Milwaukee, yourself and any other accounts you think they might find interesting! Don’t just twist three people’s arm into creating a Twitter account. Explain to them how and why you think it’s useful. Tell them what an @ reply is. Show them how to update and use Twitter from their mobile device. Teach them your best tips and tricks!

This idea came from an update last night from offwhitemke:

This week in Milwaukee: Get 3 friends on Twitter and start following @CityOfMilwaukee (Please RT)

Think of 3 people to introduce to Twitter (a friend, a family member, colleague, etc.) and get to work! šŸ˜‰

Original Post:

Earlier today I posted about a dream a had last night. This entry is one of my “I have a dream!” type dreams. What motivated me to share this was a TEDTalk that was recently posted featuring Seth Godin. Check it out when you have some time.

Seth finished his presentation saying “What I want you to do, and it only takes 24 hours, is to create a movement. Something that matters. Start! Do it! We need it!” Well… Here we go! šŸ˜€

The Vision

I strongly believe the City of Milwaukee has all the ingredients to do something AWESOME. Something that’s never been done in the history of mankind. I believe this city can be a leader, in the world, when it comes to how the city and it’s constituents communicate using the various social networking websites.

We can organize a group of individuals to manage the City of Milwaukee Twitter account to spread news and answer questions using and the City of Milwaukee Facebook page to do the same thing. Seeing the City of Milwaukee using a video site like YouTube to share updates from City Hall, messages from the mayor, etc. would be outstanding to see as well.

With the city’s use of these services as an example, we could then move on to educate other organizations as to how they can use the same tools to increase the fluidity, transparency and efficiency of communication. Schools, neighborhood organizations, churches, not-for-profits, community centers, volunteer organizations, etc.

Start! Do it! We Need it!

Here’s a start. šŸ™‚ I created a group on Facebook titled City of Milwaukee – Government 2.0.

Join it if you would like to see City Government be as transparent, collaborative and communicative as possible using all of these new tools.

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6 Responses to Milwaukee – The Most Socially Connected City In The World

  1. Magdalicious says:

    Sounds potentially very cool šŸ™‚

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  3. miltownmom says:

    Some days I just have a hard time staying connected with myself–and my responsibilities–let alone the City of Milwaukee.

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  5. snooglemush says:

    This is an amazing idea, I’m just starting to get the gist of it.

    I would love to see this happen in my home city of Birmingham, as well as the entire county of Jefferson all the way up through the state, and federal levels of government.

    What you’re planning here is awesome, because I think that if you/we can pull it off up there, and people see the benefits. There’s no reason why this wouldn’t spread to other states :).

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