Arcade Gaming Is Officially Dead To Me

Before I get started about arcade gaming, I want to respond to a comment from my longest and most regular reader. Mom:

You’ve said you were going to blog every day before. How about committing to at least once a week? Then you could miss a day every now and then and not break your commitment.

I know better than to try to actually blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. What I really meant in that last post, is that I’m going to be more regular. 🙂

It’s Time To Let Go Of Arcade Gaming…

I was trying really hard to hold on to the AWESOME that was arcade gaming. It’s time to just let it go. I had fun last night, but… Gameworks obviously isn’t an arcade for gamers anymore. Like 90% of the games were shooters or some kind of driving simulation. They only had one DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machine. The screen on the Marvel vs. Capcom machine they had was all jacked up and flickering… *sigh*

I understand that it’s ALL about console gaming now, but… There’s something AWESOME about gaming in large groups. Not just groups of your friends, but mixing it up with people you don’t know. Yes, you can do that online but… *meh* There’s another kind of energy that exists when you have a REAL crowd watching. I’m going to have to try harder to make an event like “Drink n’ Pwn” work.

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6 Responses to Arcade Gaming Is Officially Dead To Me

  1. LaughingLeaf says:

    Ah awesome! I just googled capcom vs marvel because the other day I was looking up marvel vs DC comics.

    Its awesome how theres so many heroes that have never even been mentioned anywhere except in comics or some games.

  2. Mario says:

    totally agreed casey, im sure you will remeber the golden days of games such as street fighter 2 or the KOF series, crowds of strangers around 2 guys kicking ass!

    That energy and atmosphere is nowhere to be found in so many arcade places nowadays *drops tear*

  3. Magdalicious says:

    AWE 😦 And I had just discovered the fun… that’s too bad

  4. Brian says:

    Its not that you gotta let go of arcade gaming, you just gotta re-vitalize it and inject your own awesomeness into it to make it better like it once was!

  5. miltownmom says:

    Remember when you were at, I think it was Aladins, and it was late on a Saturday night when you left, and the bus just passed you and the crew up? Marcus had to call his dad to give you all a ride home. That’s what I remember about your video gaming days–and that you won a Tekken (?sp) shirt.

  6. dust says:

    i agree. In my city we had 2 arcades. one full of machines no capcom or fighting, but time crisis, shooting, driving, deal or no deal, basketball/kid stuff.. the other (which has since closed) had laser tag, ddr (which they sold) replaced with a body/arm ddr game, pool, shooting etc.. but their mistake was selling the best ddr machine, it was always busy and why we went to it. (the other arcade does have the same ddr machine but so much over-use u really have to stomp)

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