The Hunt For Work Begins!

Ah yes… Work. A part of me feels like I’m “failing” by looking for work. I’d much rather figure out whatever it is I need to figure out to make one of my various “start-ups” produce an income for me. Being a self sustaining entrepreneur will come with work+time, but right now it’s time for me to take care of the basics.

My Kind Of Work

I started cruising some job boards a couple weeks ago and noticed that companies are looking for “Social Media Strategists/Experts.” They’re essentially looking for people that can make some sense out of all of the different Social Networking Sites and come up with plans for how to utilize them for themselves or for clients. Since I need money to pay bills, buy games and pay rent and these companies need the knowledge I possess, I thought there might be a good trade there somewhere. 🙂

[Here’s the social media resume I put together.]

My Projects/Start-Ups

I haven’t done a very good job of staying focused on one project long enough to make it something that can fully sustain me BUT I think I’m getting much better defining what each one is and how it will be profitable. It’s strange, just writing the word profitable makes me feel funny. I obviously have some deep seeded issue with making money. That’s probably what’s holding me up more than anything else. 😛 Anyhow, here are my projects and how they will be profitable in no particular order.

miltownkid – I eventually want to get miltownkid to focus on making videos about things going on in Milwaukee, awesome and funny shorts (no energy for that right now). The idea is to become somewhat of a “local celebrity” and cover events that go down in and around the city. I also plan on becoming a RAP LEGEND! (Seriously! lol) Money will come from ads on videos and hosting events. I’m not all that interested in selling T-Shirts and the like, but I’m certain there’s something I would be comfortable with merchandising (when things get to that level).

MilTownKlan (YouTube Account) – I really want this to turn into a “self sustaining” group. So sales from T-Shirts, Mugs, or whatever would go back into the MilTownKlan account to be used on… STUFF! I have a HUGE vision for this group, but it’s going to start with a systematic way of helping people learn how to use YouTube and spread positive messages. I’m in the process of sorting out some “Core Values” and a “Noble Cause” for the MilTownKlan to agree on and unite around. More on that later….

MyDeadXbox – This is where I’ll do some “Gaming Journalism” so I’ll review games, go to events and the like. I eventually want to organize some tournaments and whatnot BUT baby steps… First I gotta get enough money to pickup another Xbox 360 and a PS3. 😉

PwningLife – I actually have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do with this. I essentially want to make a subscription based website, write a book and do seminars. Before I spend too much time on it, I need to be pwning my own life. 😉

Social Milwaukee – This is going to be the identity that I consult under. Basically, I want to help non-profits and small businesses find uses for Social Media that will help them either increase sales or increase clients.

Black Horse Taichi – My Taichi teacher gave me taichi school a name. Right now I teach once a week on Sundays, but I want to do more to increase participation in class (it’s actually pretty good right now) and teach more days a week.

Chinese Lessons – I started teaching Chinese to kids and adults about 5 weeks ago. I LOVE teaching the adult class. The kids class is pretty cool too but… I don’t get paid enough for the craziness! 😉 I want to organize doing my own Chinese class for adults somewhere.

Barter Exchange – I’ve been working on this business/project for YEARS now. I’m actually to the point where I could move forward with it but I lack the resources to move forward on my own. I need to find someone to partner with OR a investor. My mind has currently been too clouded with my slim resources to focus on it much (another reason why I need to start working).

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1 Response to The Hunt For Work Begins!

  1. miltownmom says:

    Glad to hear you’re going to focus on earning more money. Nothing wrong with profit unless you unscrupulously earn obscene profit and waste it on unethical things.

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