Twitter Challenge: Worst Music Video On The Internets

Yesterday I posted this to my Twitter account:

INTERNETS! I challenge you to find a music video worse than Carl Lewis’ “Break It Up” lol

The INTERNETS did some good work! Anything else to add? Perhaps I’ll add a poll later. 🙂

The Challenge Video

Carl Lewis – “Break It Up”

The Challengers

Joe Pesci – Wiseguy Music Video (Uncut)

Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy (HQ Audio)

Brokencyde – Freaxxx (Official Video)

Empty Pockets (This one by local Milwaukee Twitterati Raster).

Down with my clique – Namata

Treasure in you – Namata

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8 Responses to Twitter Challenge: Worst Music Video On The Internets

  1. TonyaTko says:

    LMAO!!! HOW did Namata get on the list TWICE!!! oh this is just aweful! haha


  2. Magdalicious says:

    Yeah buddy!!! I contributed two of those!!

  3. Magdalicious says:

    .. you guys are so negative.. that Eddy Mrphy one is fun of win, clap clap!

  4. MKEWired says:

    or can y0u understand this….

    or… my blue jeans is tight so onto my love rocket climb…

  5. Web Media says:

    So Bad….

    I think your forgetting Tom Hanks/Dan Akroyd Dragnet Video:


  6. miltownmom says:

    Hmm…..If I ever get my inbox cleared out, maybe I’ll waste time looking at some of the videos. I don’t have time to look at good videos let alone bad ones!

  7. TonyaTko says:


    In all fairness the Eddy Murphy one was not bad.

    I would say the top contenders for worst video is a tie btw the Joe Pesci – Wise Guys and that Namata – Treasure in You, they are the WORST. I cant watch either one of them. The Namata one is funny at least you can get a good laugh. The Wise Guy one is ironic & moronic, so I guess I would have to give it to Pesci as the winner. His lyrics, and content, chorus and the oxymoron of using RAP music with a onslaught Black cast in a song about WISE GUYS was just too much for me to bear

    So I vote Pesci the winner

    The worst part is that we have
    Pesci- A jokester trying to be serious
    Namata – A Serious guy looking like a JOKE

    LMAO- This was a great contest


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