Back On The Path Of The “Peaceful Warrior”

I don’t know how much shines through, but I’m not miltownkid. I’m not Casey Payne either. I am a seeker of “truth.” Aren’t we all? I use my name (miltownkid/Casey) as a key to open doors into more insight (and [2011 Ford Fiesta doors] 😉 ).

I want to say “I wonder what makes people lose their drive to seek truth,” but I won’t because I know the answer. I’ve seen the answer. We all start out “seeking truth.” I know because I spent 5 years teaching kindergarten aged kids in Taiwan. ALL KIDS have that curiosity, that wonder. Then it’s stolen from them. Stolen by parents, “teachers”, schools, television, churches. Slowly, year after year, until they’re consumed with answers, not on their own or guided to, but hammered into them over and over and over again. Then they, we, have an illusion of truth.

I Thank (miltown)Mom

The best thing your parents can do for you (in my opinion) isn’t money for college, the best schools, cool toys, a nice house or anything that resembles these things. I feel like the best thing a parent can do for you is give you room to grow and act as a guide to help you avoid pitfalls which may effect you for the rest of your life (ie. having kids too you, serious injury, etc.)

My mom tried really hard to be the socially acceptable standard of an awesome single mom (and she was) but this wasn’t as important as the structured space she gave me to grow. I mention this because it gives a framework for where my journey REALLY began.

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I read about half of the book [“Way of the Peaceful Warrior”] last night. It was a well timed reminder of what’s really important to me. The book is a story of a young hot-shot gymnastic that runs into an old “sage” that decides to take him on as a student to the “way of the peaceful warrior.” Although I’m not finished, I already highly recommend it. It’s a fun read.

Back on the Path…

It might be hard to tell, but I somewhat despise modern civilization. In high school it was my plan to “escape.” I would often dream of being a Daoist hermit on [WuDang Mountain]. I’m confident that I would have gravitated toward a hermit life had I not met “my master.”

I can’t remember how I presented my dilemma, but I’ll never forget the answer:

One foot in the city, one foot in nature. Balance.

Before hearing that phrase all I could think about was “how can I escape this retched city life?!” Afterward, I realized that I needed to conquer the city. It wasn’t something I should run from, it was a challenge I needed to confront.

Lately I’ve edged towards having both “feet in the city.” Forgetting to set aside enough time for meditation, exercise, reading, studying Daoism and connecting with nature. I need to stop forgetting to, everyday, connect with nature.

At least I meditated today! I’m off to a good start. 🙂

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2 Responses to Back On The Path Of The “Peaceful Warrior”

  1. Mario says:

    remind me something i heard a long time ago ” we cant be 100% spiritual and we cant be 100% material there must be a balance” 🙂

  2. miltownmom says:

    Thanks for the complements. By the way, isn’t that Way of the Peaceful Warrior my book? I remember getting it at a bookstore a long time ago on the recommendation of a guy working there.

    With spring coming, be sure to spend some time in the parks. Milwaukee has great parks.

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